South Nambucca Heads Pressure Sewerage Project

Work has been completed on the construction of a pressure sewerage system to service existing properties in the South Nambucca area along the Pacific Highway from Teagues Creek to Florence Wilmont Drive.

A pressure sewerage system comprises network of pump stations on individual properties connected to a common transfer pipe within the road reserve that discharges into Council’s existing sewerage system near Teagues Creek.  The pipework is small diameter poly pipe and each pump station is capable of pumping flows around 1 l/s at over the full length of the transfer pipe.

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Council invited Expressions of Interest from experienced contractors for the design and construction of the works based on an earlier concept design that was documented for Council.  Following a select tender process a contract was awarded to Pressure Sewer Services Australia Pty Ltd in August 2016.  Works were completed in August 2018 and the system has been operating successfully.

The objective of the new works is to replace existing on site wastewater systems to reduce the risk of any environmental impact these systems may have as a result of being located in close proximity to the Nambucca River.  The provision of the sewerage system will also provide an opportunity for the development of vacant land in this area.

The new sewerage system will be operated and maintained by Council.

The assistance of the Federal Government in providing a grant of $241,340 through their National Stronger Regions Program is acknowledged.

Should you have any queries regarding this project please contact Council’s Manager Water and Sewerage, Mr. Richard Spain

Bowraville Off-River Water Storage Project

The Nambucca Shire water supply is a single source supply drawn from bores sunk into alluvial deposits adjacent to the Nambucca River upstream of the town of Bowraville. Studies have confirmed that the aquifer has limited storage capacity and cannot be expected to meet current and future water supply demands during periods of drought. During the drought of 2002 two of the eight bores began to run dry and it was estimated that there was between 30 to 60 days supply of water available when the drought broke.

Nambucca Heads Sewerage Augmentation

Council engaged the NSW Public Works (NSW Water Solutions) to prepare a concept design for an upgrade of the works along with a REF (Review of Environmental Factors) to investigate the likely social and environmental impacts of the proposal.

Environmental Impact Statement Bowraville Off River Water Storage

An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was prepared on behalf of Nambucca Shire Council for the proposed Bowraville Off River Water Storage in the Nambucca Valley.

Bowra Dam Construction Gallery February 2013

Bowra Dam Construction Gallery Feruary 2013