Council Forms

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Category Form Description / Name
Events 2018 Australia Day Nomination Form
Businesses Food Business Notification Form
Cemeteries Plaque Columbarium Wall Application
Cemeteries Lug Vase Application
Cemeteries Reservation Columbarium Wall Application
Cemeteries Interment in Private Cemetery Application
Cemeteries Reservation of a Burial Plot Application
Cemeteries Removal of Ashes and Plaque Application
Cemeteries Permit to Inter Ashes in Existing Burial Plot Application
Cemeteries Repair a Headstone/Monument Application
Cemeteries Burial Permit Application (choose appropriate form from the document)
Cemeteries Erect a Headstone/Monument Application
Water Water Restriction Exemption Variation
Water Water Main Performance and/or Pressure Testing
Water Liquid Trade Waste Service Contract
Water Bulk Water Supply
Events Section 68 Activity
Events Amusement Device Application
Events Application for Event on Council Land
Events Risk Assessment Form for Events
Water Water Saving Devices Reimbursement Application
Water Rainwater Tank and Plumbing Rebate Application
Waste Waste - Application for Commencement of a Wheel Out Wheel In Service for Infirmed Households
Volunteer Volunteer Work Application
Green Space Trees - Solving Urban Tree Problems
Green Space Tree Removal Pruning on Public Land
Events Trading Tables/Racks for Crazy Day Sales
Roads Section 138 Application - Driveway Crossover and General Works
Property Rural Road Number Application Form
Roads Road Signage Application for Tourism, Services, Regulatory Purposes on Public Land
Roads Road Naming Application
Property Property Search Request
Concession Pensioner Concession Application
Development Notice of Installation of Manufactured Homes for Caravan Parks
Businesses Mobile Food Vending Application
Waste Liquid Trade Waste Transportation Vehicle - Section 68 Application
Development House Moving Guidelines
Roads Heavy Vehicles Route Assessment
Roads Footpath Landscaping Brochure
Businesses Footpath Signs, Trading Tables and Cafes Annual Application Form
Property Flood Level Enquiry Form
Property Farmland Application Form
Events Guide to Applying For and Conducting Events for the Public on Council Land including Roads
Finance Direct Debit Request - Service Agreement
Finance Direct Debit Request - Rates & Water
Property Control of Burning Application
Accounts Contractors Tax Invoice
Accounts Contractors Daily Running Sheet
Businesses Commercial Activities on Council Controlled Land
Property Change of Address
Property Certificate Applications (eg S10.7, S603, Outstanding Notices, Water Meter Reading/Averages etc)
Animals Cat Trap Hire
Development Caravan Parks Camping Grounds Operating Approval Application
Development Caravan Park Inspection Application
Property Building Records Search
Beach Beach Driving Permit - Private - Application
Beach Beach Driving Permit - Commercial Fishermen Application
Businesses Application for 5 Year Approval to Operate a Hairdressing / Beauty Shop / Skin Penetration Business
Plumbing, Drainage & Sewer Sewer Service Diagram A4 Landscape Form Template - select your preferred format to download: PDF - DOC - CWG
Plumbing, Drainage & Sewer Combined Notice of Works & Certificate of Compliance
Development Electronic Document Guidelines
Development Development Application Checklist
Development Development Application - The Process
Development Development Application Help Guide
Development Development Application Form Part A
Development Development Application Form Part B
Development Application to Vary Development Controls under DCP 2010
Development Application to Vary Standard in LEP 2010 - (Previous SEPP 1)
Development Construction Certificate Application for Subdivision/Civil Works
Development Development Advisory Unit DAU Forms
Development Guidelines and Sediment and Erosion Control on building sites  (4mb)
Development Political Donations and Gifts Disclosure Statement to Council
Development Rural Fire Services - Building in Bushfire Prone Area Guidelines  (7mb)
Development Surrender of Consent Form
Development Statement of Environmental Effects Form
Development Temporary Occupation Fact Sheet
Businesses Annual Fire Safety Statement
Development Building in a Bushfire Prone Area - Link to Rural Fire Service Document - Please be advised that the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) has recently updated its Fast Facts and Practice Notes and released a few new ones. These documents are now available on the RFS website A master list indicating active and obsolete Fast Facts and Practice Notes with current versions will be made available soon.  If you have any questions or identify any issues with the documents please do not hesitate to contact
Development Building Information Certificate Application
Businesses Final/Interim Fire Safety Certificate
Development Notification of Works and Builder Details
Plumbing, Drainage & Sewer OSSM Application to Amend
Plumbing, Drainage & Sewer OSSM Application to Install
Plumbing, Drainage & Sewer OSSM Request for Inspection
Plumbing, Drainage & Sewer OSSM Transfer of Owners
Plumbing, Drainage & Sewer OSSM Register an Existing OSSM
Development Section 68 Activity (including Woodfires, etc) - Please note that when you lodge an application for a woodfire/solid fuel heater you must also submit a copy of the SPECIFICATIONS for the unit you are installing along with a PLAN showing where the unit will be located within the dwelling. An application fee and inspection fee are also required at time of lodgement, please phone (02) 6568 2555 for the current fees.
Plumbing, Drainage & Sewer Section 68 - Water Supply, Sewerage and Stormwater Drainage Work
Development Section 68 - Faringdon Village (Sheds, etc)
Development Section 68 - Water Carters
Property Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate Application
Development Section 94A Cost Summary Report Form
Development Section 94A Registered Quantity Surveyors Detailed Cost Report Form
Accounts Application to establish a credit account with Nambucca Shire Council
Development Complying Development Certificate Pre-Lodgement Check