Janggal Janggal Road, Nambucca Heads

Published on 11 May 2023




(Notice of Application for Advertised Development pursuant to Schedule 1, Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979)

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a development application has been received by Nambucca Valley Council.

The proposed development is defined as “Integrated Development” under Section 4.46 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 “as approval is required from the NSW Rural Fire Service under Section 100B of the Rural Fires Act”.

Applicant:                                Creative Planning Solutions Pty Limited
DA/File No:                              DA 2023/109
Property Description:              Lot 26 DP 1273809 (proposed Lot 67 Gaduying Court), Janggal Janggal Road, Nambucca Heads
Proposal:                                Construction of a Permanent Six (6) Bedroom Group Home
Consent Authority:                  NAMBUCCA VALLEY COUNCIL

The development application may be inspected at Council’s Administration Centre, Princess Street, Macksville, during office hours being 8.30 am to 4.00 pm weekdays from 13 May 2023 until 12 June 2023. Documents relating to the proposal may also be viewed at www.nambucca.nsw.gov.au

Any person may make written submissions or objections in respect of the proposal which should be lodged with the undersigned no later than 12 June 2023. Submissions must be addressed to the General Manager, Nambucca Valley Council, PO Box 177, Macksville NSW 2447 or sent by email to council@nambucca.nsw.gov.au. It is requested that submissions in support or objection list reasons. The provision of a name, address and contact telephone number will enable Council to inform you about the progress and outcome of the matter. Please note that any submission may be incorporated in a Council business paper or otherwise publicly disclosed.

Note Your attention is drawn to Section 10.4 of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 which requires those making a submission to disclose all “reportable political donations and gifts”.

All submissions will be acknowledged following Council’s determination of the application. For further information regards this proposal, please contact Daniel Walsh on 6568 0259.

PO BOX 177, MACKSVILLE  NSW  2447, (02) 6568.2555, www.nambucca.nsw.gov.au


Access Report(PDF, 712KB)
Bushfire Report(PDF, 4MB)
Pre DA Form(PDF, 597KB)
Notification Plans(PDF, 808KB)
Plans of Management(PDF, 250KB)
Statement of environmental effects(PDF, 760KB)

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