Community Services Committee Meeting Minutes 11 December 2008 Report

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Minutes of the Community Services Committee held 11 December 2007




Cr Paula Flack (Chairperson), Cr Sue Nash, Ms Glenys Munro, Ms Coral Hutchinson, Ms Mari Webb, Ms Vicki Fernance, Ms Marilyn Pearson; Ms Angie Evans, Ms Jo Hill, Ms Kerrie Bowtell




Ms Denise Olsen, Ms Alie Cole, Ms Ursula Donohue


Housekeeping and Emergency Procedures


·           Emergency exit points, the Evacuation Plan and location of facilities were noted.


Declaration of Interest


None Declared


Minutes of Previous Meeting — 10 July 2007


RECOMMENDATION: That on the motion of Mari Webb seconded Cr Sue Nash the minutes of the previous meeting held on 10 July 2007 be accepted.



Business Arising




The Committee was advised that the Plan is not yet endorsed. There have been yet more changes to staffing at Attorney Generals and Ms Liani Stockdale is again looking after the Nambucca.

It was noted that given the time that has lapsed since the preparation of the profile (statistics) any actions or implementation of the draft plan need to be undertaken in the light of new statistics when they become available. The Committee was advised that new crime statistics are gradually being released by the Bureau of Crime Statistics and that the Manager Community and Cultural Services is monitoring these regarding the Nambucca. The Committee was also advised that the Police have statistics which identify hot spots for crime (eg supporting the proposed Alcohol Free Zone) and that these can be used to support community crime prevention projects.


Kerrie Bowtell reported on initiatives at Clarence Valley Council which involved a study re statistics and corresponding social programs. She will follow up for possible ideas for the Nambucca Shire.


RECOMMENDATION: That on the motion of Angie Evans, seconded Kerrie Bowtell, Council enquire of the NSW Attorney General’s Department as to the progress of the draft Crime Prevention Plan.

General Business




The Committee was advised that following a history of failed meetings and mixed support for the Youth Network Committee of Management, Council resolved to disband the Committee as a Section 355 Committee of Council and move towards more technology-based consultation. However as result, the Nambucca Valley Skater’s Association (NVSA) (which was a sub-committee of the Youth Network) was without a proper framework. At Council’s meeting of 1 November 2007 (when the YN was disbanded) Council also resolved that the NVSA be invited to become a sub-committee of the Community Services Committee pending their affiliation with Skaters Australia and further if their development application is successful for the Coronation Park site, they must become a member of the Coronation Park Committee of Management.


The Committee then discussed the following matters:


·          Progress on DA

The report for the skate park facility at Coronation Park was originally going to Council meeting on 20 December 2007. This report will now be submitted, together with the Plan of Management for Coronation Park, to Council’s meeting on 17 January 2008.

Plan of Management for Coronation Park will be going to the Park Committee meeting tonight, Tuesday 11 December 2007, with all interested sporting bodies, for comment.


·          Reporting requirements of NVSA

If CSC is in favour of inviting NVSA to become a sub-committee, reporting requirements will need to be discussed with NVSA.

NVSA has an account at BCCU with operating funds of approximately $1,000. These funds are used for activities. The funds are made up of donations. 2 committee members of NVSA are cheque signatories for this account. Therefore, a financial report will have to be submitted to CSC and a Business Activity Statement prepared for Council’s Finance Section.

Minutes of meetings will also have to be reported to CSC.


·          Approval for activities

NVSA has held skate competitions in the past under the banner of Nambucca Valley Youth Services Centre Incorporated and Council.

As the CSC only has 3 scheduled regular meetings per year, if NVSA wanted to hold an activity under the banner of CSC, this may create a bit of a problem to gain approval for the activity.


·          Representation from NVSA

As a sub-committee of CSC, representation from NVSA would be a requirement.

RECOMMENDATION: That on the motion of Angie Evans, seconded Glenys Munro, the Community Services Committee accept the NVSA as a sub-committee in recognition of the need to give the NVSA representation at Council pending the outcomes of the proposed Coronation Park Development Application, noting that the arrangement would be consistent with the CSC’s role and appropriate as a short-term strategic direction; further that Council write to the NVSA to invite them to become a sub-committee with the letter to outline their obligations to Council and the CSC in terms of finances and reporting; and that should the NVSA accept their sub-committee status, the Association is to nominate a representative to become a member and attend meetings of the CSC.


Note: A copy of the CSC constitution and meeting arrangements to be provided to the NVSA.


Vicki Fernance left the meeting at this point with the time being 3.10pm




The Manager Community and Cultural Services advised that the 2008-09 Management Plan is expected to be in a similar format to the existing plan, however with more emphasis on the following:


·           A strategic focus aligned with community needs

·           Integration of reporting

·           Sustainability

·           Asset management


Cr Flack outlined the expected process for 2008-09.

The Committee noted that early results from the community survey are being processed and that the results will be taken into account in future planning. The on-line survey of young people was also noted.


Proposed inclusions in the Management Plan will be discussed at the forum in February.




Ms Kerrie Bowtell led a discussion on the outcomes of the recent election and the potential opportunities for the CSC.

The Deputy Prime Minister is also Minister for Social Inclusion.

The Cowper electorate is reportedly the most marginal electorate in the country and also extremely disadvantaged.

Possible review of CSC members to better reflect the community

Suggested invitation to the Minister to visit the Nambucca – needs regional support

The concept is to be included on the April 2008 CSC meeting agenda


There was then discussion on volunteering – the economic value, reliance on volunteers, the expectation that volunteers themselves are expected to count their own value and report in their own activities. Details of a report regarding the economic value of volunteers in South Australia were tabled for research by members (at www.sapo.org.au).

Members’ Reports


Nambucca Valley Community Services Council Inc


Has won $20,000 from Aged Persons Welfare Foundation to expand No Interest Loans Scheme

Has won a tender for 5 dementia specific places for care in the home


Nambucca Valley Neighbourhood Centre


Jo Hill provided an update on the progress of the following projects:

·           Living Carefully – very successful early intervention approach

·           Community Bus – looking at long-term sustainability and partnerships

·           Keep On Building On Nambucca Community Centre – funded under Area Assistance Scheme, going well.


Glenys Munro left at this point and the time was 4.02 pm


Nambucca Valley Community of Schools


Angie Evans provided the meeting with a report on the following:

·           Showtime (November) raised $3,500 through gold-coin donations

·           Proposed Professional Development day will include the role of public education

·           The Nambucca Valley is already modelling being a learning community

·           Getting more preschools attached to primary schools

·           Green Vouchers - $50,000 for schools eg rainwater tanks


Kerrie Bowtell


Reported on youth projects:

·           Mobile café will be on the road next year – very successful in engaging very marginalised young people, currently getting fitted out.

·           Headspace – update on progress, tackling issues at NVYSC with large numbers of young people dropping in. Have links with schools re truanting students.

·           Angel Blanket Project – working with young women re mental health, involves counsellor support whilst doing blanket making. Very successful and excellent feedback from young women and community.


Jo Hill left at this point with the time being 4.15pm


Area Assistance Scheme


Mari Webb (Chairperson AAS Local Ranking Committee) gave a brief report on the outcomes:

·           LRC has met and made its recommendations

·           Numbers of applications and diversity disappointing, but very good compared to some other areas.

·           Application process is getting more complicated and difficult for some community organisations due to the very technical language required and the move towards results based accountability – all outcomes focussed.

·           The Scheme no longer has pick-up (recurrent) funding

·           The AAS has brought in over $1m to the Nambucca Shire during its operation and this doesn’t include the accumulation of funding via recurrent projects. The total value would be significantly higher.



Next Meeting


The next ordinary meeting is to be held Tuesday 8 April 2008 at 2.30pm (Social Inclusion to be included on the agenda)


The next forum (to discuss the Management Plan and Budget) with key interest groups will be held Tuesday 26 February (morning), with the Working Group to meet on Tuesday 22 January to plan the forum focus, content and invitation list.





The meeting closed at 4.35 pm






Paula Flack