Policy Review - Discounted Application Fees for "Not for Profit" Charities, Service Clubs, Sporting Clubs and Community Groups

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Proposed Policy












Function:  Corporate Services



Adopted:  6/07/2006  

Last reviewed:  8/01/2008  




1.0       Policy objective


The policy is designed to achieve the following objectives


·      Reduce the financial burden on not for profit charitable organisations and community groups.

·      Reduce staff administration time in handling requests for refunds and allowing a more consistent approach to managing applications and applying fee schedules.

·      Ensure that the financial assistance provided by Council is reasonable and within its financial means.

·      The policy applies equally to Council owned or controlled property and other property.



2.0       Related legislation


Local Government Act 1993; Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979; Roads Act 1993


3.0       Definitions


3.1        “Not for Profit” Charities, Service Clubs, Sporting Clubs and Community Groups


This definition extends to include community organisations whereby they are providing building work or functions for the benefit of the community and where the organisation generally relies on donations, sponsorship and other forms of community fund raising.



4.0       Policy statement


4.1        That Council adopts, as policy, the following tables for discounting fees for applications by “not for profit” charities, service clubs, sporting clubs and community groups.


Development and Building Works


Value of Works

DA Fee

Construction or Complying Development Fee

Inspection Fee

Sewer/onsite & water connection fees

$20,000 or less

No fee

No fee

As per fees and charges

No fee

$20,001 to $100,000



As per fees and charges

No fee

$100,001 or more

As per fees & charges (no discount)

As per fees & charges (no discount)

As per fees & charges (no discount)

As per fees & charges (no discount)



Major Activities and Events on Council Land


Major Activities/Events on Council land - Application Fee


Major Activities/Events on Council land – Bond

As per fees and charges

Major Activities/Events on Council land - Set up and dispersal

As per fees and charges

Major Activities/Events on Council land - Day of event

As per fees and charges




Application and Approval of Activities and Events on Roads


Where road closure is not required


Where road closure is required

As per fees and charges



Any State Government charges and Insurances applicable to any application are to be met by the applicant.


In relation to projects on Council owned/controlled land:


A project co-ordinator is to be appointed for each project.

Site assessment and OH&S induction is to be arranged with Council's Safety Officer prior to commencement of any site works.

Council's preferred contractors are to be used unless trades persons are working on a voluntary basis. When engaging contractors the following must be provided:-

                        i)          ABN

                        ii)          Proof of current Public Liability Insurances (min $10,000,000 cover).

Contractors and volunteers are responsible for securing all materials and equipment and removing any personal tools from the construction site at the conclusion of each days work.

When purchasing goods, materials or services an Order number is to be obtained from Council's offices or Depot store and all delivery dockets signed and submitted to Councils offices within seven (7) days of ordering. Delivery dockets may not be available when contracting services.

All requirements of OH & S provisions and NSW Workcover Authority are to be adhered to on the construction site for the duration of the project.


Works and developments exempted under Council's Development Control Plan for Exempt and Complying Developments.