Cr Rhonda Hoban (Mayor)

Cr Janet Court

Cr Mike Moran OAM

Cr Paula Flack

Cr Brian Finlayson

Cr Elaine South

Cr Martin Ballangarry OAM (from 8.53 am)

John Tait (Environmental Group – Gordon Park Rainforest)

Jean Ford (Oyster Farmers)

James Hallam (NSW Farmers)

Barry Duffus (Interested Community Representative)

Richard Ellis (Affected Landowner - Business)

Bob Young (Environmental Group)

Peter McNally (Nambucca Valley River Users Group)

Gordon Ussher (Affected Landowner Residential)

Michael Lamont and Joseph Kane, Representatives from RDM (from 10.00 am)

Barry Ford (Bowraville Aboriginal Land Council)






Greg Meyers (Director Environment & Planning)

Barbara Parkins (Minute Secretary)

Jacqui Ashby (Environmental Compliance Officer)






Cr John Ainsworth

Michael Pitt (NRCM Authority)

Cr Anne Smyth

Mr Kevin Gibson (DECC)

Rodney McDonagh (NSW Maritime)

Stephen Channells (Department of Lands)

Damon Telfer (GECO Environmental)

Anna Sedlak (NSW Maritime)
Dean Moore (NSW Maritime) (Anna’s replacement)

Marcus Richards (Primary Industries, Fisheries & Compliance)

Fay Lawson (Affected Landowner Residential)

Joy van Son (Environmental Group)

Richard Townend (SES)





There were no Disclosures of Interest declared.





1/09 Resolved:   (Flack/South)


That the Committee note the adoption and endorsement of the recommendations of the Minutes of the Meeting held 7 September 2009, by Council at its meeting of 17 September 2009.






Director Environment and Planning Report

ITEM 9.1      SF1266              301109      Report on Outstanding Items 30 November 2009

2/09 RESOLVED:   (Court/South)


That the list of outstanding actions be noted and received by the Committee.


3/09 Resolved:   (Duffus/Court)


That Council formerly write to the Minister for Transport to seek an answer to letters written to the RTA in relation to the effect the new highway may have on flooding of Macksville.






ITEM 9.2      SF1266              301109      Report on Funding applications under the NSW Estuary, Coastal and Floodplain Management Programs

4/09 RESOLVED:   (Court/Tait)


1          That the Committee note the changed funding process and timetable under the NSW Estuary, Coastal and Floodplain Management grants programs.


2          That the Committee note that it has been recommended that Council endorse the three Expressions of Interest submitted under the NSW Estuary, Coastal and Floodplain Management grants program for the following:


i        Finalisation of the Nambucca Coastal Hazard Management Plan $30,000 ($15,000 grant and $15,000 Environmental Levy)

ii       Continuation of the review of the Nambucca River Flood Stud y $115,000 ($75,000 grant and $40,000 Environmental Levy)

iii      Continued implementation of actions from the Nambucca River Estuary Management Plan and also the Nambucca River Foreshore Master Plan $100,000 ($50,000 grant and $50,000 Environmental Levy)


3          That the Committee not that it has been recommended that Council include the above three projects in the 2010 – 2015 Environmental Levy should Council continue the Environmental Levy program.






ITEM 9.3      SF1075              301109      Report on DECCW Draft Flood Risk Management Guide and Draft Coastal Risk Management Guide

5/09 RESOLVED:   (Court/South)


That the committee note that the two Draft Guides – Flood Risk Management and Coastal Risk Management are currently on exhibition until 5.00 pm Friday 11 December 2009, and that no submission be made by Council.





ITEM 9.4      SF1266              301109      Report from RDM on the exhibition and submissions received on the Nambucca River Master Plan

6/09 Resolved:   (Court/South)


That John Tait address the meeting in relation to the Exhibition and Submissions received on the Nambucca River Master Plan prior to the Consultants attending the meeting to address the report.


Comments Noted:

The Tennis club is not opposing moving the boat ramp – the road would be in the middle of a playground.

Pt 2 of reco if the boat ramp ideally could be moved east in Gordon Park would leave where boat ramp was for a swimming area.

Reco 12 - Another road through Gordon Park – didn’t see where this came up except in the negative – emergency vehicle access path – this is not needed – if there is an emergency there is the river to gain access. There is also a helicopter pad being put in the plan so therefore do not see need for another vehicle access through Gordon Park


Councillor Paula Flack left the meeting before the commencement of this item, the time being 9:25 am.

Mr John Tait left the meeting before the commencement of this item, the time being 9:25 am

Mr Bob Young left the meeting before the commencement of this item, the time being 9:25 am

Mr Richard Ellis left the meeting before the commencement of this item, the time being 9:25 am


The meeting adjourned at 9:25 am.

The meeting resumed at 10:00 am.

The following Resolutions refer to the recommendations on Page 7 in the Summary of Submissions Paper prepared by RDM on the exhibition of the Nambucca River Master Plan.

7/09 Resolved:   (Hoban/Moran)


That in reference to Recommendation 1 the general reference to private suppliers from Page 77 of the Draft Master Plan, be removed from the document and there be a general reference that plant supplies can be purchased from local retailers.


8/09 Resolved:   (Court/Finlayson)


That Recommendation 2 be included.


9/09 MOTION:       (Moran/McNally)


That Recommendation 3 to upgrade the Rats of Tobruk Walk be included in the Grodon Park Precinct. Potential heritage listing of well in nearby forest be added to the Master Plan, be deleted.




10/09 Resolved: (Hoban/Moran)


That Recommendation 4 be deferred until the Professional Fishermen have been consulted directly in relation to the Gordon Park boat ramp and the possibility of moving the ramp.


11/09 Resolved: (Court/South)


That Recommendation 5 be included.







12/09 Resolved: (Moran/Court)


That Recommendation 6 be included.


13/09 Resolved: (Moran/McNally)


That Recommendation 7 be included.


Councillor Brian Finlayson left the meeting before the commencement of this item, the time being 10:50 am.


14/09 Resolved: (Moran/South)


That Recommendation 8 be deferred allowing the Consultants to investigate the better utilisation of the inlet for mooring, unloading and retrieving vessels.


15/09 Resolved: (South/Court)


That Recommendation 9 be included.


16/09 Resolved: (Court/McNally)


That Recommendation 10 be included.

Cr Moran requested his vote to be recorded against this recommendation.


17/09 Resolved: (Court/South)


That Recommendation 11 be included.


18/09 Resolved: (Hoban/Court)


In relation to Recommendation 12 that there be a notation on the plan that no road is to be constructed or signed posted and that no infrastructure be created to prevent the existing grassed access for emergency vehicles.


19/09 Resolved: (Court/South)


That Recommendation 13 be included.


20/09 Resolved: (Court/South)


That Recommendation 14 be included.


21/09 Motion:      (Ford/Ballangarry)


That Recommendation 15 for the revision of the building height on Wellington Drive to be 12m to be in accordance with the Draft LEP 2009 be included.




22/09 Resolved: (Court/South)


That the Committee recommend that Council endorse the recommendation from the Submissions Report for the Nambucca River Master Plan from consultants RDM, as amended by this Committee.







23/09 Resolved: (Court/Moran)


That the Committee note that the final Master Plan, Implementation Plan and all associated documents will be presented to the Nambucca River Estuary and Coastline Management Committee at it next meeting on Monday, 1 February 2010.


24/09 Resolved: (Moran/South)


That reference be made in the Nambucca River Master Plan that consideration and inclusion for navigational dredging is identified in the Nambucca River Estuary Management Plan and that riverbank stabilisation be considered as a high priority.






ITEM 9.5      SF765                301109      Report on Lower Nambucca River Estuary Water Quality Study

25/09 RESOLVED: (Flack/Finlayson)


1          That the report be noted.


2          That the recommendations of the Study be noted.


3          That further funding be sourced for further investigation of water quality testing in the high priority subcatchments of Gumma Gumma Creek, Watt Creek (Lumsdens Lane and Wrights Corner) and Beer Creek.


Cr Moran requested his vote to be recorded against this recommendation.







The next meeting will be held on Monday, 1 February 2009.





There being no further business the Mayor then closed the meeting the time being 11:27 am.


Confirmed and signed by the Mayor on 17 December 2009.