General Purpose Committee - 16 December 2009


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8.1     Site Visit - Steuart McIntyre Dam and Cowarra Dam    








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Pecuniary – must leave chamber, take no part in discussion and voting.




Non Pecuniary – Significant Conflict – Recommended that Councillor/Member leaves chamber, takes no part in discussion or voting.



Non-Pecuniary – Less Significant Conflict – Councillor/Member may choose to remain in Chamber and participate in discussion and voting.


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(Local Government Act and Code of Conduct)



Pecuniary – An interest that a person has in a matter because of a reasonable likelihood or expectation of appreciable financial gain or loss to the person or another person with whom the person is associated.

(Local Government Act, 1993 section 442 and 443)


A Councillor or other member of a Council Committee who is present at a meeting and has a pecuniary interest in any matter which is being considered must disclose the nature of that interest to the meeting as soon as practicable.


The Council or other member must not take part in the consideration or discussion on the matter and must not vote on any question relating to that matter. (Section 451).



Non-pecuniary – A private or personal interest the council official has that does not amount to a pecuniary interest as defined in the Act (for example; a friendship, membership of an association, society or trade union or involvement or interest in an activity and may include an interest of a financial nature).


If you have declared a non-pecuniary conflict of interest you have a broad range of options for managing the conflict.  The option you choose will depend on an assessment of the circumstances of the matter, the nature of your interest and the significance of the issue being dealt with.  You must deal with a non-pecuniary conflict of interest in at least one of these ways.


·        It may be appropriate that no action is taken where the potential for conflict is minimal.  However, council officials should consider providing an explanation of why they consider a conflict does not exist.

·        Limit involvement if practical (for example, participate in discussion but not in decision making or visa-versa).  Care needs to be taken when exercising this option.

·        Remove the source of the conflict (for example, relinquishing or divesting the personal interest that creates the conflict or reallocating the conflicting duties to another officer).

·        Have no involvement by absenting yourself from and not taking part in any debate or voting on the issue as if the provisions in section 451(2) of the Act apply (particularly if you have a significant non-pecuniary conflict of interest).



General Purpose Committee

16 December 2009

Director of Engineering Services Report

ITEM 8.1      SF587              161209         Site Visit - Steuart McIntyre Dam and Cowarra Dam


AUTHOR/ENQUIRIES:     Bruce Redman, Director Engineering Services         




The neighbouring Councils to the south have in recent years built large water supply dams.


A visit by Nambucca Shire Councillors to these sites will assist in providing background information as deliberations progress on the proposed Bowraville site for the Off-Stream Storage for the Nambucca Shire Water Supply.





1        That the inspection of the Steuart McIntyre and Cowarra Dams be noted.


2        That thanks be sent to Anne Marie Burke (Kempsey Shire Council) and Murray Thompson (Port Macquarie-Hastings Shire Council).





Note inspection

Undertake inspection of other sites such as Shannon Creek Dam in the Clarence Valley





An inspection to two water supply dams is being conducted to allow Council to gauge how a similar structure would be constructed and operate for the Nambucca Water Supply.


The first stop will be the Steuart McIntyre Dam west of Kempsey.


This dam was completed in 2001, has a capacity of 2,500 mgl and has had problems relating to algae growth.  Anne Marie Burke of Kempsey Water will meet Council to discuss the dam.


The second dam is called the Cowarra Dam and was built for the Port Macquarie-Hastings Water Supply.  It is located east of Wauchope.


The Cowarra Dam has a capacity of 10,000 megalitres, was opened in 2005 and cost $32 Million.


Murray Thompson of Port Macquarie-Hastings Shire Council will meet Council on-site.


Background material and site plans are circularised.





Kempsey Shire Council

Port Macquarie-Hastings Shire Council







No new issues as a result of the inspection.




No new issues as a result of the inspection.





No new issues as a result of the inspection.





Councillors and staff to comply with inductions and directions of the relevant staff at each site.





Direct and indirect impact on current and future budgets


No issues as a result of the inspection.


Source of fund and any variance to working funds


No issues as a result of the inspection.




 - Circularised Document - Promotional Material and Sites Maps



General Purpose Committee - 16 December 2009

Site Visit - Steuart McIntyre Dam and Cowarra Dam






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Site Visit - Steuart McIntyre Dam and Cowarra Dam




Circularised Document - Promotional Material and Sites Maps