Special General Purpose Committee - 31 March 2010



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(Local Government Act and Code of Conduct)



Pecuniary – An interest that a person has in a matter because of a reasonable likelihood or expectation of appreciable financial gain or loss to the person or another person with whom the person is associated.

(Local Government Act, 1993 section 442 and 443)


A Councillor or other member of a Council Committee who is present at a meeting and has a pecuniary interest in any matter which is being considered must disclose the nature of that interest to the meeting as soon as practicable.


The Council or other member must not take part in the consideration or discussion on the matter and must not vote on any question relating to that matter. (Section 451).



Non-pecuniary – A private or personal interest the council official has that does not amount to a pecuniary interest as defined in the Act (for example; a friendship, membership of an association, society or trade union or involvement or interest in an activity and may include an interest of a financial nature).


If you have declared a non-pecuniary conflict of interest you have a broad range of options for managing the conflict.  The option you choose will depend on an assessment of the circumstances of the matter, the nature of your interest and the significance of the issue being dealt with.  You must deal with a non-pecuniary conflict of interest in at least one of these ways.


·        It may be appropriate that no action is taken where the potential for conflict is minimal.  However, council officials should consider providing an explanation of why they consider a conflict does not exist.

·        Limit involvement if practical (for example, participate in discussion but not in decision making or visa-versa).  Care needs to be taken when exercising this option.

·        Remove the source of the conflict (for example, relinquishing or divesting the personal interest that creates the conflict or reallocating the conflicting duties to another officer).

·        Have no involvement by absenting yourself from and not taking part in any debate or voting on the issue as if the provisions in section 451(2) of the Act apply (particularly if you have a significant non-pecuniary conflict of interest).



Special General Purpose Committee

31 March 2010

Director of Engineering Services Report

ITEM 8.1      SF382              310310         Scotts Head Master Plan


AUTHOR/ENQUIRIES:     Bruce Redman, Director Engineering Services         




Council will conduct a workshop to assist Councillors make a determination on the Scotts Head Master Plan that will then allow the Land and Property Management Authority to determine how and if it will proceed with the upgrading of the Scotts Head Caravan Park.


Council can only control the use of its own land which is the reserve area abutting Adin Street, Scotts Head including the Adin Street Oval.





That Council supports in principle the model put forward by Integrated Site Design being the exhibited plan.





1        That Council supports in principle the model put forward by Integrated Site Design being the exhibited plan;


2        That Council does not agree to the use of Adin Street oval for any redevelopment but agrees to enter into a long-term lease over the area currently used for semi-permanent camping;


3        That Council believes that an alternative option could be developed that reduces the level of development on Adin Street and has a different entry point either from West Street or Ocean Street.





The Land and Property Management Authority advertised for public comment on their preferred option for the redevelopment of the Scotts Head Caravan Park.


This generated a large response which was summarised in a report to Council on 5 November 2009.  There has continued to be feedback from the community since the formal exhibition.  Broadly the point of the submissions is to leave the semi permanents where they are currently located and turn Adin Street into the Village Green.


The Land and Property Management Authority are not asking Council to decide on what are the best alternatives rather they are asking the question about what type of use is acceptable for the Council managed land which includes the current leased area and Adin Street oval.


To assist Council, the Workshop will be based on a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following points:


·              Revised proposal

·              Issues of residents (Public Exhibition)

·              Alternatives from submissions

·              Are there other variations?

·              What next?


The Trust needs to be advised of Council’s position in relation to the semi permanents, use of Adin Street and if a long term lease is proposed.


The matter should not be deferred any further.  A decision needs to be made and put to the Land and Property Management Authority.





No new consultation.







Any redevelopment will be subject to conditions of consent.




The feedback from the consultation shows a range of social values apply depending on the authors’ circumstances and views etc.




The caravan park and the adjacent business houses will be affected financially on the changes.




Option 1


Sections of the community may remain hostile to the decision.


The semi permanents while reduced in number will be offered upgraded facilities.


Option 2


Adopting the status quo will see the loss of an opportunity to redevelop the public space.


The semi permanents will be reduced in number to meet the fire standards.


Option 3


The Land and Property Management Authority may not be prepared to accept any changes.  This could result in the caravan park retracting to the Crown Land and relinquishing the lease area.





Direct and indirect impact on current and future budgets


Council receives an annual loan fee of $15,800.00.  It is intended to retain this or a higher income of say $20,000.00 or $30,000.00.


Option 1 includes a contribution of $200,000 from the Caravan Park project to Council towards upgrading the stormwater system.  No costs have been prepared as the actual work is unknown but could be worth $400,000 in total.


Any other option will see Council liable for future improvements for the full amount.


If the semi permanent area is excluded from the redevelopment then Council will have to determine whether to remove the site or manage it separately.  No compensation is payable to the site residents only the giving of due notice to vacate the land.


Retaining the semi permanent area will mean that Council has to put a management structure in place, resolve the fire separation issues, upgrade the roads, create an entry and build and amenity block.


An amenities block would be some $500,000 and the other works say $400,000.  These prices are very broad without actual proposals.  There would be recurrent costs associated with amenity clearing, mowing, waste, electricity, water, administration etc of say $150,000 pa.  The income is around $120,000 pa for this section.


Source of fund and any variance to working funds


The redevelopment will be done by the Scotts Head Trust (Administrator) through loans and the business plan.  There is no provision in the budget for any expenditure.




2116/2010 - Land and Property Management Authority Response



 - Circularised Copy of PowerPoint Presentation



Special General Purpose Committee - 31 March 2010

Scotts Head Master Plan



Special General Purpose Committee - 31 March 2010

Scotts Head Master Plan









Scotts Head Master Plan




 Copy of PowerPoint Presentation