Ordinary Council Meeting - 1 April 2010


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5††††††† Notices of Motion

5.1†††† Notice of Motion - Investigation into On-Stream Water Storage

Ordinary Council Meeting

1 April 2010

Notice of Motion

ITEM 5.1††††† SF1471††††††††††† 010410†††††††† Notice of Motion - Investigation into On-Stream Water Storage


AUTHOR/ENQUIRIES:†††† Brian Finlayson, Councillor ††††††††




A number of Councillors have expressed reservations at the cost benefit, the efficiency and ongoing maintenance costs of the proposed off-stream storage facility at Bowraville.


Many other councils have on-stream dams that work extremely well and have done for many years.†


It is felt that alternatives to the off-stream site should be seriously considered before any final commitment to an off-stream facility is made.





That this Council undertake further investigation of:


a††††††† the geological suitability of constructing an on-stream dam at sites examined by Councillors on Upper Buckrabendinni Creek, the confluence of Gravelly Creek and Nambucca River or such other sites as Council considers appropriate


b††††††† the cost of such construction


c††††††† the means by which water stored in such dam may be delivered to the borefields at Bowraville and the cost of any such delivery system.







In 2007 Council engaged the Department of Commerce to investigate similar questions at a cost of $8,845 excluding GST.† The investigation included site visits by a Geologist.† A copy of their report is available.†


As a preliminary investigation it did respond directly to points a and b of the Notice of Motion, however, there was no preliminary investigation of point c.† Council should be aware that the charge-out rate for consultants to undertake such work will be in excess of $200 per hour and should only proceed with an agreed brief and budget.






There are no attachments for this report. ††††††††