MINUTES OF THE Nambucca River , Creeks, Estuaries and Coastline Management Committee Meeting HELD ON 13 August 2010




Cr John Ainsworth (Chairperson)

Eleonora Snart (Nambucca Valley Tourism)

Tim Ryan (Landcare)

Fay Lawson (Flood Affected Landowner)

Theresa Spens-Black (Oyster Farmers)

Cr Janet Court





Greg Meyers (Director Environment & Planning)

Emma Shaw (Minute Secretary)

Jacqui Ashby (Environmental Compliance Officer)

Darryl Lang (SES)

John Schmidt (DECC)

Stephen Channells (Department of Lands)

Anna Sedlak (Waterways)






Marcus Riches (I&I NSW – Fisheries)

Joy van Son (Environmental Group)

James Hallam (NSW Farmers)








There were no Disclosures of Interest declared.





26/10 Resolved: (Ryan/Court)


That the Committee note the adoption and endorsement of the recommendations of the Minutes of the Meeting held 28 May 2010, by Council at its meeting of 16 June 2010.





ITEM 4.1      SF1496              130810      Notice of Motion - Fay Lawson - Marking of Predicted Flood Heights

27/10 RESOLVED: (Lawson/Ryan)


That the Nambucca River, Creeks and Estuaries and Coastline Management Committee request Council to write to RTA-SKM asking to have predicted flood heights marked on electricity poles to the extent of Council’s flood mapping, extending to include Nursery and Gumma Roads, to indicate Council’s 1:100 year predicted flood height and RTA-SKM predicted 1:100 year flood height with climate change and sea level rise, highway bypass completed as an act of transparency and good faith to the community, before RTA submits proposed highway upgrade to the Planning Department for approval.





Director Environment and Planning Report

ITEM 6.1      SF1496              130810      Report on Outstanding Items 13 August 2010

28/10 RESOLVED: (Court/Lawson)


That the list of outstanding actions be noted and received by the Committee.






ITEM 6.2      SF1184              130810      Report on Nambucca Coastal Zone Management Study and Plan Final Stages Tenders

29/10 RESOLVED: (Ryan/Court)


1          That the Committee recommend to Council that SMEC Australia in association with Umwelt Australia be contracted to undertake the preparation of the Nambucca Coastal Zone Management Study and Management Plan being Stages 2 & 3 of the Nambucca Coastal Zone Management Plan in accordance with Council’s Consultants Brief and the submitted tender documents and price from SMEC Australia in association with Umwelt Australia.


2          That the Committee recommend that Council write to the other Consultants advising that they have been unsuccessful on this occasion.


30/10 Resolved: (Court/Spens-Black)


3          The contract with SMEC Australia and Umwelt is to include an initial round of community engagement discussion as well as the community consultation during the exhibition period of the draft Nambucca Coastal Zone Management Plan.





ITEM GB5/10                         SF1496     130810     Reports from Committee Members and Attendees as required



That the verbal reports as given, be noted.






Fay Lawson

Flood affected land owner

1      Where is Lower Nambucca Flood Study up to?



2      Follow up Roads and Traffic Authority power point presentation for GPC

DEP advised that the final draft will be presented to the next committee meeting


DEP advised that this will be followed up

Theresa Spens-Black

Oyster Farmers


1      Timing of Roads and Traffic Authority Flooding Peer review




2      Soft vegetation in conjunction with rock reventment work for riverbank restoration


3      Shellfish water quality. Nambucca River closure is 35mm of rain. Recent rain event of 37mm identified elevated levels of Faecal Caliform.

RTA advised Council that the peer review will be submitted to a future GPC meeting


DEP advised that this is being considered by Engineering


No comment offered

Eleonora Snart

Nambucca Valley Tourism

Logs and obstacles in river any possibility or removing them. –

Anna Sedlak gave a response as did Steve Channells

Tim Ryan


1      Landcare could look at funding to assist a community group to remove obstacles for an environmental benefit

2      Caring for Country funding. Final $100,000 component for South Beach

3      Assisting Gordon Park, Littoral Rainforest

4      Application for funding for the vegetation guide for the Shire

5      Application to print 15,000 brochures etc


John Schmidt


1      Interpretative signage at four (4) boat ramps, Scotts Head, Boulton’s Crossing, Stuart Island and Macksville

2      Riparian lands Vegetation Guide booklet needs revamping to include vegetation plus stabilisation and a link on the Council website


Anna Sedlak


1      Covers area from Nambucca to Corindi

2      Issue with houseboat on river, working towards finalisation

3      Designated mooring sites on Nambucca River – NIL

4      Estuary Management Plan Boating regulation/controls now sign posted

5      Advised that new regulations requires wearing of life vests in certain situations

6      Levies on Boat Registrations/Licences


Darryl Lang


Awaiting survey marks to install River Water Depth Markers








The next meeting will be held on Friday 12 November 2010 commencing at 8.30 am.





There being no further business the Chairperson then closed the meeting the time being 10.10 am.