MINUTES OF THE Nambucca River, Creeks, Estuaries and Coastline Management Committee Meeting HELD ON 15 February 2011



Janet Court (Chairperson)

Peter McNally (Nambucca Valley River Users Group)

James Hallam (NSW Farmers)

Tim Ryan (Landcare)

Theresa Spens-Black (Oyster Farmers)

Fay Lawson (Flood Affected Landowner)

Eleonora Snart (Nambucca Valley Tourism)

Joy van Son (Environmental Group)

Louise Robinson (NHLALC)






Greg Meyers (Director Environment & Planning)

Barbara Parkins (Minute Secretary)

Anna Sedlak (Maritime)

Darryl Lang (SES)

John Schmidt (DECC)


Pam Dean-Jones (Umwelt)

Chris Adamantidis (SMEC)





Cr John Ainsworth

Glenn Storrie (DECCW)

Marcus Riches (DPI)

Stephen Channels (LPMA)

Michelle Nelson (CMA)



Cr Janet Court was appointed acting Chairperson for this Committee due to the apology of Cr John Ainsworth.





There were no Disclosures of Interest declared.





1/11 RESOLVED:   (Spens-Black/van Son)


That the Committee note the adoption and endorsement of the recommendations of the Minutes of the Meeting held 12 November 2010, by Council at its meeting of 2 December 2010.




Director Environment and Planning Report

ITEM 5.1      SF1496              150211      Report on Outstanding Items 15 February 2011

2/11 RESOLVED:   (Robinson/Hallam)


That the list of outstanding actions be noted and received by the Committee.


3/11 Resolved:   (Lawson/Spens-Black)


That Council follow up with the RTA in relation to and ensure it includes the full strip of the Pacific Highway from the Macksville Bridge to the junction of the old highway at Midcoast Trucks re culverts for drainage under current highway, with RTA with a formal letter.


That Council follow up with Council’s Surveyor when the surveying will be complete for the river site gauges which are to be placed in at least one position on Taylors Arm River at Kings Point and one position on Tilly Willy Creek Kings.






ITEM 5.2      SF1338              150211      Update on Lower Nambucca Flood Study

4/11 RESOLVED:   (Ryan/Spens-Black)


That the committee note the update on the Lower Nambucca Flood Study Review.






ITEM 5.3      SF1496              150211      Reports from Committee Members and Attendees as required

5/11 RESOLVED:   (Lawson/Robinson)


That the verbal reports as given, be noted.






Fay Lawson

Affected Landholders

Look at further openings in the Stuart Island causeway – can Council consider this in their budget.

See following resolution

John Schmidt


Revamped River Estuary Restoration Guide has been produce for distribution

Copies made available

To be on Council’s website

Peter McNally

Nambucca River Users Group

Lack of flood markers under highway bridge on Scotts Head Road

See following resolution

Tim Ryan


Lee Pearson Caring for our Country Project to visit

Undertaking an audit on their funded projects and their outcomes

Have received $3,000 to look at impacts on the river due to the borefields


Lousie Robinson

Local Aboriginal Land Councils

NHLALC grant from Caring for our Country Plan of Management for Gumma and 3 islands – the LALC is employing a manager for this project



6/11 Resolved:   (Lawson/Robinson)


That Council consider in its 2011-2012 budget, further openings of the Stuart Island causeway.





7/11 Resolved:   (McNally/Robinson)


That Council be requested to install flood markers under the highway bridge on Scotts Head Road.






ITEM 5.4      SF1184              150211      Presentation by SMEC and Umwelt - Environmental Consultants preparing Council's Coastal Zone Management Plan

8/11 RESOLVED:   (van Son/McNally)


That the presentation by SMEC and Unwelt be noted by the Committee.







The next meeting will be advised when the report for the Flood Study is available.





There being no further business the Chairperson then closed the meeting the time being 10.25 am.






Janet Court