Special Meeting of Council

MINUTES OF THE Special Meeting of Council HELD ON 12 May 2011


The following document is the minutes of the Special Council meeting held on 12 May 2011.† These minutes are subject to confirmation as to their accuracy at the next meeting to be held on 19 May 2011 and therefore subject to change.† Please refer to the minutes of 19 May 2011 for confirmation.





Cr Rhonda Hoban (Mayor)

Cr John Ainsworth

Cr Brian Finlayson

Cr Janet Court

Cr Anne Smyth

Cr Paula Flack




Michael Coulter (General Manager)

Greg Meyers (Director Environment & Planning)

Paul Gallagher (Director Engineering Services)

Craig Doolan (Manager Financial Services)

Peter Baynes (Manager Assets)

Richard Spain (Manager Water and Sewerage)




Cr Elaine South is on approved leave.

Cr Mike Moran OAM

Cr Martin Ballangarry OAM



There were no disclosures of interest.



General Manager Report

ITEM 8.1††††† SF1579††††††††††††† 120511††††† Draft 2011-2012 Budget and Management Plan

7/11 RESOLVED:†† (Finlayson/Ainsworth)


1††††††† That Council advertise the Draft 2011-2012 Budget and Management Plan for a minimum of 28 days.


2††††††† Council seek expressions of interest from its staff for voluntary redundancy as per the Award provisions, noting that Council is not obliged to accept any or all offers, with each offer to be assessed on its merits including the duties of the position, the cost of the position to the general fund and the cost of the redundancy.† Following referral to the Consultative Committee, recommendations to accept offers of voluntary redundancy will be reported to Council for determination as a variation to its organisation structure.† It is proposed that the organisation structure be reduced by at least 2 positions.


3††††††† Council note that it cannot finalise any change to Councilís organisation structure until consultation has taken place in accordance with the Local Government Award.


8/11 Resolved:†† (Court/Ainsworth)


That Council receive a report on the outcome of the voluntary redundancy offer as contained in Resolution 2 above.





There being no further business the Mayor then closed the meeting the time being 5.50 pm.†


Confirmed and signed by the Mayor on 19 May 2011.