MINUTES OF THE Nambucca River, Creeks, Estuaries and Coastline Management Committee Meeting HELD ON 13 May 2011



John Ainsworth (Chairperson)

Peter McNally (Nambucca Valley River Users Group)

James Hallam (NSW Farmers)

Louise Robinson (Nambucca LALC)

Janet Court (Councillor)

Fay Lawson (Flood Affected Landowner)

Joy van Son (Environmental Group)

Theresa Spens-Black (Oyster Growers)





Greg Meyers (Director Environment & Planning)

Emma Shaw (Minute Secretary)

Jacqui Ashby (Environmental Compliance Officer)

Greg Rogencamp (SKM)

John Schmidt (DECC)

Stephen Channells (Department of Lands)

Darryl Lang (SES)

Änna Sedlak (NSW Maritime)

Kevin Gibson (DECCW)






Marcus Riches, Department of Primary Industries

Tim Ryan (Landcare)





There were no Disclosures of Interest declared.





1/11 RESOLVED:   (Hallam/van Son)


Note: Joy Van Son identified a correction in the reports from committee members under Tim Ryan, it should read have received $33,000 to put in a rock ramp near borefields.


That the Committee note with the correction above, the Minutes of the Meeting held 18 February 2011 will be presented to Council at its meeting of 19 May 2011.




Director Environment and Planning Report

ITEM 5.1      SF1496              130511      Report on Outstanding Items 13 May 2011

2/11 RESOLVED:   (Court/Robinson)


That the list of outstanding actions be noted and received by the Committee.






ITEM 5.2      SF1496              130511      Update on Lower Nambucca Flood Study

3/11 RESOLVED:   (Court/Lawson)


1          That the committee recommend that Council place the Draft Lower Nambucca Flood Study Review on public exhibition for a period of at least 30 days.


2          That at the conclusion of the Exhibition period the consultants consider the submissions made and provide a report to the committee on any amendment to the Draft so the final draft may be adopted.


4/11 Resolved:   (Court/Lawson)


That Council consider running a flood model in the future, with the complete removal of the V-Wall parallel with the car park and road (but not including the removal of the sea wall).


That the Council consider running a flood model in the future, with the complete removal of the V-Wall parallel with the car park and road (but not including the removal of the sea wall) and the model to include the complete removal of the Stuart Island causeway.





ITEM 5.3      SF1184              130511      Progress on the preparation of the Nambucca Coastal Zone Management Plan and Public Information Sessions

5/11 RESOLVED:   (Court/Robinson)


That the Committee note the public information sessions and progress with the preparation of the Nambucca Coastal Zone Management Plan.





ITEM 5.4      SF1496              130511      Reports from Committee Members and Attendees as required



That the verbal reports as given, be noted.






Fay Lawson

Affected Landowner

Is BOM putting in a Doplar weather Radar station at Coffs Harbour?

Greg Meyers advised that a BOM Officer indicated that this was the case. However, it may not be a benefit to Nambucca Shire depending upon its location. Kevin Gibson indicated that Nambucca doesn’t have a major issue  and Greg Meyers also confirmed that the BOM Officer identified other areas in the State as a greater priority in front of Nambucca Shire.

Kevin Gibson to provide some detail on gauge location (to be circulated at next meeting).

James Hallam

NSW Farmers

Considered that the Radar or additional rain gauges in the upper catchment would be helpful as the last few floods has seen heavy rain come from the Bellingen direction.

WMA Water are currently contracted  reviewing the collection of information.

Joy Van Son


Requests that a status report come to the committee as there is little to report to her constituency as very little is being reported through the committee.

Would like to see more involvement from the Committee on actions and activities.

Raised the matter that the Rivercare Officer has completed a three year project on the Nambucca River and that this is not being reported to the Committee.

Greg Meyers identified that this is a resourcing matter but will endeavour to bring a status report to the next meeting.

It was confirmed that once the committee recommend a study/report to Council and is adopted, it is then up to the relevant Officer to implement the actions as provided for in the budgets.

Jacqui Ashby advised that Damon Telfor was previously advised of the Committee meetings. But with the new committee structure this has not been done.

Stephen Channels

Dept of Lands

Advised that the Department of Lands has been consumed into a larger Department of Trade Investment, Regional Infrastructure & Services


Therese Spens-Black

Oyster Growers

Expressed appreciation on Council's prompt notification of a potential Oil Spill and Sewage Spill.

Advised that it is an automatic 3 week river harvest closure following such notification.

The Oyster Growers are developing an EMS (environmental management system) for their own operations which will become a public document (looking at environmental impacts that they make & how to manage the impact and funding available).

Advised that a report will be presented to the next committee meeting on the data from the Watt Creek and Gumma Gumma Creek water monitoring program.

Peter McNally


Requested that when such Oil and Sewage spills occur could they too be advised.

Advised that NVRUG have sent a letter to the RTA asking that they construct the proposed new bridge at Macksville so that the pylons are not in the middle channel, 62m between pylons and tall enough to enable sailing boats to pass under at high tide.

Greg Meyers advised that Council has a notification Policy in place to notify the Oyster Growers of such spills but not all other river users.


Janet Court.


Enquired as to what river water monitoring we have in place.

Advised that there are 2 data loggers installed, 1 in Gumma Gumma Creek and 1 in Watt Creek.

Kevin Gibson


Advised that he is now in the Department of Environment and Heritage.

Kevin gave an explanation of Flood Studies and the various components of the study.


Louise Robinson


Advised that Gumma Peninsular and the 3 Islands are in the final process of being declared an Indigenous Protected Area (IPA), which will allow for the aboriginal people to look after their own land.







The next meeting will be held on Friday 12 August 2011 commencing at 8.30 am.





There being no further business the Mayor then closed the meeting the time being 11.50 am.





Cr John Ainsworth