Ordinary Council Meeting - 28 February 2013


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5        mayoral minute

5.2     Mayoral Minute - Flood and Storm Event on 22 and 23 February 2013 - Vote of Thanks to Emergency Workers...... 2  

9        General Manager Report

9.6     Environmental Levy - Quarterly Report................................ 3    



Ordinary Council Meeting                                                             28 February 2013


ITEM 5.2     SF1817            280213        Mayoral Minute - Flood and Storm Event on 22 and 23 February 2013 - Vote of Thanks to Emergency Workers (SF1853)


AUTHOR/ENQUIRIES:   Rhonda Hoban, Councillor         




A summary is not required.





1        That a letter of thanks be forwarded to those who assisted the community in managing last           weekends flood and storm event.


2        That Council be advised of the outcome of the debrief of the flood and storm event.





Councillors may be able to identify other people who assisted besides those listed in the report.





Before last weekend’s weather event fades from memory I believe the Council should extend a sincere vote of thanks to the following people and organisations who contributed so much to assisting the community in overcoming adversity last weekend.


·     Local SES controllers, Paul Hendricks and Peter Shales as well as Leanne Cooper from the SES at Grafton and of course the SES volunteers for their very professional approach to a serious situation


·     The Salvation Army for attending to and providing catering at the evacuation centres


·     NSW Fire and Rescue for their assistance in the towns during and after the flood


·     The Rural Fire Service for their assistance and particularly during the clean up after the floods


·     Local ABC radio and also local station 2MC for keeping the public informed of the flood event and the road and bridge closures


·     The NSW Police


·     The many volunteers who provided assistance with sandbagging, cleaning up, and the opening of the evacuation centres.


·     Council’s outdoor staff who kept working day and night in appalling weather inspecting roads and bridges and removing debris


·     A number of Council’s indoor staff who worked through the weekend posting road and bridge closures on the new MyRoadInfo website and also issuing media releases


·     Essential Energy and Telstra staff who had to contend with many faults caused by the high winds and flood.


I apologise that I am unable to name all of the people involved individually but the number of people who were involved in the management of this weather event are too numerous to list.


On 25 February 2013, the Shire was included in a Natural Disaster Declaration which means that the cost of restoration work (except for the first $29,000) will be funded by the State Government.  At this stage I’m advised that the damage estimate is in the vicinity of $250,000.


In time I would be interested to be advised of the outcome of the debrief so that Council can consider any opportunities to improve its processes for dealing with similar weather events in the future.





There has been consultation with the General Manager and Assistant General Manager Engineering Services.







There are no implications for the environment.




The willingness of people to come together to assist one another in times of adversity demonstrates the strength of our social bonds.




There are no significant economic implications.




These Natural Disasters do carry significant risk to people and property.





Direct and indirect impact on current and future budgets


The budget implications are discussed in the report.


Source of fund and any variance to working funds


There is no impact on working funds.


Service level changes and resourcing/staff implications


The clean up from the natural disaster will require staff to be diverted from their normal duties.  To this extent there are resourcing/staff implications.



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Ordinary Council Meeting                                                             28 February 2013

General Manager's Report

ITEM 9.6     SF688              280213        Environmental Levy - Quarterly Report


AUTHOR/ENQUIRIES:   Grant Nelson, Strategic Planner; Michael Coulter, General Manager         




The purpose of this report is to provide Council with an update on the Environmental Levy since changes were made in December 2012.





That Council note the progress of the expenditure on the Environmental Levy to Feb 2013.





Nil.  The report is for information.





The following table details the progress of the Environmental Levy.  In reviewing the below information it should be noted that many projects only commenced in December 2012 upon resolution of Council. Also staff costs and salaries totalling approximately $143,900 have been included in the quarterly progress expenditure pro-rata. Variance of the budget against expenditure including estimated staff costs and salaries is approx. $550,000, (approximately 57% of the proposed budget).



Budget 2012/13

Estimate Subsidy

Quarterly Progress (Feb 13)


Implement foreshore master plan




Works complete; additional funds used to install bunker matt under unsurfaced beach access.

Prepare & print fact sheets



$  -

Complete and on website (funding not required)

River St foreshore improv'ts stage 1



$  -

May be required for foreshore protection work in this area

Install interpretive signs riparian areas




Anzac Park Works Complete

Enviro Comp Officer - salary




Staff Costs - expended

Enviro Comp Officer - ELE




Staff Costs - expended

Enviro Comp Officer - AL

$  -




Riverbank erosion program




Some Works Complete; Target Areas identified

Rainwater tank rebates




Transferred to water fund in 2013/14

Estuary Management Plan




Paid for installation of flood gauge posts

Nambucca River Flood Study - above Watt Ck  formerly 4060.440.502




Initial Community consultation undertaken; draft Nambucca Flood Study received; forwarded to OEH for comments; prior to final draft for exhibition

Deep Creek Flood Study - formerly 4090.360.502




Draft complete and adopted by Council. To save $$ will be exhibited with Nambucca River Flood Study which is awaiting final draft.

Water quality river health monitoring




Water quality monitoring of Deep Creek during Recent closure and ongoing monitoring of Gumma Creek and Watt Creek. Additional funding required for oyster monitoring and review of other data.

Enviro Comp Officer - plant running




Staff Costs - expended

Enviro Comp Officer - ELE





Enviro Comp Officer - Workers Comp





Enviro Comp Officer - Super





Bowraville Flying Fox

$ 9,335


$       480.00

Discussions held with landcare regarding funding

Minor bird eradication

$ 2,710


$    1,888.35

Landcare project ongoing.

GPT Maintenance



$  -

GPT'S identified, Awaiting costing on maintenance. Unlikely to require full 40k. Other stormwater detention devices may be targeted such as the sediment basin in Ocean Waves Estate Valla Beach – it requires maintenance and overflows are directed into a SEPP 14 Wetland and Saltmarsh Endangered Community.

Environmental Weed Management




Target Areas identified; works commenced

Control of Noxious Weeds




Staff Costs - expended

Vegetation Mapping




Good community response to survey access; line work correction and surveys approaching completion.

Servicing Doggy bins





CZMP Action - Beach Access Improvement Program




Works program approved; costings being determined, to program works

Ongoing Our living Coast Websites

$ 2,200




Annual River Cleanup





Nambucca Surfclub Beach Access



$  -

Coastal Engineer Inspected site Nambucca Heads Main Beach with staff, OEH and SLSC Representatives. Awaiting Report on options

Paperless Council (ipad purchase)




Ipads and software purchased; Data and Mobile device management software to come

Installation of Effluent Management System at Saleyards




Project ongoing

Prepare/review/implement concept plans for CBD streetscape improvements



$  -

Letters sent to each Chamber of Commerce. Nambucca has chosen to proceed with Street Trees; Macksville has chosen to proceed to streetscape plans. No response from Bowraville

Gumma Swamp Healthy  Wetland




Initial instalment for project works paid; Hydrological assessment underway.

Riverbank erosion program (rehabilitation)



$  -

Funds held for revegetation of river bank protection. May be directed to bank protection if necessary. Target areas yet to be identified.






Total with Estimated Subsidies






Notes on Some Specific Projects


Streetscape Improvements


Letters were sent to the Macksville, Nambucca and Bowraville Chamber of Commerce.  Responses were received from Nambucca and Macksville. Given the limited budget it is proposed to split the $20,000 between Macksville and Nambucca Heads. Bowraville could be subject to consideration in future budgets.


Nambucca has indicated its preference to proceed with planting advanced trees in Bowra Street in order to finalise the Nambucca Streetscape works identified in the 2003 plan. Nambucca chamber representatives have been very proactive and enthusiastic in relation to the project and have been investigating costs and other requirements of the project. The preferred species is ‘Tuckeroo’ (a native species taken from the approved plan) for which quotes have been received. At this stage it is estimated that approximately 10 advanced trees can be purchased for under $2000.


The more substantial costs will be the requirement to install the trees, in the majority of cases the pavement will be required to be cut and trees placed in appropriately designed tree pits, with root barriers and the like. Staff are presently looking at appropriate designs so quotes can be sought.


Macksville preferred to look at streetscape options/plans for the CBD. A brief has been prepared and has been forwarded to consultants for fee proposals. Given the limited budget the brief has been designed to develop concepts or options for Macksville which Council can use for consultation purposes. A second  unfunded stage of the project would be to develop a streetscape masterplan with detailed costing and the like so Council can consider improvement works in forward budgets.  Upon receipt of the fee proposal an additional report will be presented to Council on this matter.


Flood studies


Council previously adopted the draft flood study for Deep Creek. Since this time an Entrance Management Policy for Deep Creek has been developed and forwarded to relevant agencies for comment.


The Nambucca River Flood Study has been drafted and also forwarded to relevant agencies for comment, some preliminary community consultation was held in December 2012.


Upon receipt of comments for all relevant agencies final changes to the draft documents will be made and all the flood materials will be forwarded to the estuary committee and then Council for public exhibition.




General Manager





The purpose of this report is to update Council on the progress of the Environmental Levy 2012/13.



The purpose of this report is to update Council on the progress of the Environmental Levy 2012/13.



The purpose of this report is to update Council on the progress of the Environmental Levy 2012/13.








Direct and indirect impact on current and future budgets



Source of fund and any variance to working funds

Environmental Levy


Service level changes and resourcing/staff implications

The re-structure in 2012 has altered the management of the Environmental Levy program.



There are no attachments for this report.