Cr Rhonda Hoban (Mayor)

Cr John Ainsworth

Cr Martin Ballangarry OAM

Cr Brian Finlayson

Cr Paula Flack

Cr Kim MacDonald

Cr Bob Morrison

Cr Anne Smyth

Cr Elaine South






Michael Coulter (General Manager)

Scott Norman (AGM Corporate Services)

Paul Gallagher (AGM Engineering Services)

Peter Wilson (Special Projects Officer)





There were no Disclosures of Interest.



CONFIRMATION OF MINUTES - Ordinary Council Meeting 13 February 2014


87/14 RESOLVED: (Smyth/Flack)


That the minutes of the Ordinary Council Meeting of 13 February 2014 be confirmed.






88/14 RESOLVED:  (MacDonald/Morrison)


That the following delegations be heard:


i)       Ms Karen Croghan—objector

ii)      Mr Mick Green—objector

iii)     Mr Barry Duffus OAM - objector

iv)      Mr Bill Down – objector


Ms Karen Croghan addressed Council making the following points:

·    Takes issue with suggestion that revenue will remain in revenue stream permanently

·    Has made a submission concerning the special rate variation

·    In a restricted financial position with limited ability to increase income

·    Significant extra cost whether two years or three years

·    Under the proposal a small group of rate payers will be funding the increase.  Not equitable.  Costs should be shared equitably

·    Self funded retiree but Council decisions like this impact heavily


Mr Mick Green addressed Council making the following points:

·    Farmer at Utungun

·    Pay more than enough rates and get little value for their money

·    Annoyed those on minimum rates get same services for much less rates paid

·    If it was fair rates would reflect the return from the land

·    Rates are already too big


Mr Barry Duffus OAM addressed Council making the following points:

·    Attending on behalf of half a dozen ratepayers around Sullivans Road and Newee Creek

·    The question is are we getting value for money for their rates?

·    Who is checking the contractors who work for the Shire?

·    Grading roads is a problem.  The roads are graded too flat.  Check out Gordons Knob.

·    A proper roller should be used with the graders

·    Fewer Council workers.  Are the contractors doing the job?

·    The grading job on Colemans Road done a couple of weeks ago.  Road now worse than it was.

·    Ratepayers want value for money.  They don’t believe they are getting value for money.

·    Requested upgrading of intersection of Sullivans Road and Valla Road.  Dangerous intersection for traffic turning off Valla Road.


Mr Bill Down addressed Council making the following points:

·    Resident for 66 years

·    Ratepayer for 45 years

·    Received invite to address Council yesterday

·    Recalls 3 cents per litre petrol tax.  Then became 4 cents.  Tax hasn’t been removed.

·    When will Council come clean and advise of full impact of compounding increase

·    Can’t ask his financial provider for more income

·    Council should stop gouging additional income

·    Council should consider cutting services to meet their budget eg tourism, economic development etc

·    Recalls original mandate of councils – restricted to roads and bridges

·    Now there are many extras

·    Council should get their priorities sorted out

·    People on low or insecure incomes eg, farmers can’t meet these increases

·    Strongly urges Council not to adopt proposed increase





There were no Questions with Notice.




There were no Questions for Closed Meeting where due Notice has been received.




General Manager Report


ITEM 9.1      SF1950              200214      Special Rate Variation

89/14 RESOLVED: (Finlayson/Ainsworth)     


That Council make application to the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) for a Section 508A Special Rate Variation for a three year percentage increase of 3.8% in 2014/15, 5.0% in 2015/16 and 5.5% in 2016/17 and that the increase be retained permanently in the Council’s general income base.


Note: Councillor MacDonald requested that her vote be recorded against the resolution for the reasons she gave at the December meeting.


90/14 Resolved: (Hoban/Ainsworth)


That not only does the elected Council receive a quarterly report on the expenditure of the additional funds from the rate increase (if approved by IPART), but a brief report be included with each quarterly rates notice to our ratepayers.


91/14 Resolved: (Ainsworth/Flack)


That Council write to the State Government and express its displeasure about the inequity of the rating system and that any Councillors wishing to make comment have them to the General Manager within 2 weeks for inclusion in the letter.




General Manager Report – LATE


ITEM 9.2      SF1620              200214      Adoption of Integrated Planning and Reporting Documents

92/14 RESOLVED: (Flack/Finlayson)


1        That Council adopt the Draft Delivery Program 2013-14 to 2017-18.


2        That Council adopt the Draft Long Term Financial Plan 2014-15 to 2023-24.






93/14 RESOLVED: (Ainsworth/Flack)


The Council determined not to go into closed.


94/14 Resolved: (Ainsworth/Flack)


That the submissions in closed be noted.


95/14 Resolved: (Morrison/Ainsworth)


That a leaflet be produced by Council on the rating system and how rates are calculated, the minimum rate, the base rate, rating categories etc.  The report should be in the form of a leaflet which can be made available to ratepayers.  Further that a Council workshop be undertaken on the same subject.






There being no further business the Mayor then closed the meeting the time being 7.20 pm. 


Confirmed and signed by the Mayor on 27 February 2014.