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5        Notices of Motion

5.2     Notice of Motion - Sewerage Discharge Factors - Additional Information............................. 2     


Ordinary Council Meeting                                                                                                 25 August 2016

Notice of Motion

ITEM 5.2      SF2183            250816         Notice of Motion - Sewerage Discharge Factors - Additional Information


AUTHOR/ENQUIRIES:    Bob Morrison, Councillor         




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Meeting 25 August 2016 - Item 5.1 - NOM Sewerage Discharge Factors


Comments on the GM's Comments


I thank the GM for his comments and for attaching Appendix G.


I doubt if many Councillors will have the time to troll through Appendix G. I feel the GM's comments and attachment without highlighting the main points, obfuscates the intent of my motion.


The main point of the GM which I wish to highlight and which from my investigation, few if any commercial businesses have any knowledge is as follows;.


"Council does receive regular requests for review of Sewer Usage Charges and the applicable discharge factors.   These reviews are undertaken by Council's Technical Officer – Water and Sewerage with the Manager Water and Sewerage and councils rates staff"


My aim in my motion is to make the business community aware of their rights in this matter and to assist them in paying the correct Sewerage Usage Charges in accordance with their Sewerage Usage and not take advantage of their ignorance in this matter.


I have highlighted the Main Points from Page 305 for Councillor's consideration:


"The discharge factors nominated for the various activities are for the basic industry process type. For example, the nominated discharge factor for a 'Hotel' is based on the premises importing the product and only serving beverages and washing up glasses, floors and cleaning spills in the cellar. The SDF should be reduced if such premises provide meals and/or accommodation.

It is important when making an assessment to consider other relevant factors. Thus many small commercial premises, such as a bakery, butcher, fish shop, hairdresser, veterinary, etc. have residential premises attached. In such cases, an allowance should be made for garden watering and other water uses in a residential part of the Joined premises. The LWU may apply its residential SDF for houses, typically about 70%, if there is a garden on such premises, or for flats, units where there is no garden. The trade waste discharge factor should be then reduced proportionally.

Also, if a commercial premises in any category has a garden, eg. hotel, motel, restaurant, a SDF used can be reduced by about 10% compared to a similar business without a garden.

To assist LWUs in establishing site specific discharge factors, typical allowances for household water usage are provided in Table 2 on page 308.

Sewer and trade waste discharge factors may vary for wet and dry climatic conditions. In wet colder climatic conditions most of the water is discharged into the sewer as the outdoor use is at its lowest. Water usage is higher in a dry hot climate, but the sewer discharge factor would be lower due to the increased outdoor use and higher evaporation rates. The difference could account up to 30%.

However, the impact is site-specific, and assessments should be made taking into consideration the size of the outdoor area and the type of activities. Water check meters that can be installed to gauge water usage at the various points of a site are very useful in such situations".


Again I wish to emphasise that Council should make clear to all commercial enterprises their rights to apply for a reduction in their Sewerage and Trade Waste Charges if they feel they meet the above criteria. I would not feel happy about a council that plays on the ignorance of their ratepayers.   That is the reason for my motion.


Cr. Bob Morrison





29134/2016 - Water Guidelines Page 305



Ordinary Council Meeting - 25 August 2016

Notice of Motion - Sewerage Discharge Factors - Additional Information