Cr Rhonda Hoban (Mayor)

Cr John Ainsworth

Cr Martin Ballangarry OAM

Cr Brian Finlayson

Cr Susan Jenvey

Cr David Jones

Cr Janine Reed

Cr Anne Smyth




Michael Coulter (General Manager)

Scott Norman (AGM Corporate Services)

Paul Gallagher (AGM Engineering Services)

Monika Schuhmacher (Minute Secretary)



Ms Dale Hawkins, President Bowraville Arts Council, welcomed the Council and residents to the Bowraville Theatre and thanked Council for their continued support of this facility.





Cr John Wilson

Mr David Allen




Pastor Daryl Spriggs from the Presbyterian Church offered a prayer on behalf of the Nambucca Minister's Association.





Councillor J Reed declared a pecuniary interest in Item 9.10 Australian White Ibis Management Plan - Dawkins Park Macksville under the Local Government Act as Cr Reed is an elected member of Nambucca Valley Care which owns land adjacent to Dawkins Park which is adversely impacted by White Ibis.  Cr Reed left the meeting for this item.



CONFIRMATION OF MINUTES - Ordinary Council Meeting 29 September 2016


407/16 RESOLVED:        (Smyth/Ballangarry)


That the minutes of the Ordinary Council Meeting of 29 September 2016 be confirmed subject to Item 9.2 reading:               "382/16 RESOLVED:       (Reed/Ainsworth)"







That the following Public Forums and Delegations be heard:



i         Mr Tony Fuller - No footpath for Conen Street Bowraville; Heavy traffic intersection Conen/William Streets

ii        Ms Leona Bush - Tree planting in High Street Bowraville

iii       Ms Marion Syratt – Town plan for Bowraville

iv       Mr Darron Hall – Road safety issues

v        Mr Malcolm Macfarlane – Healthy activities for Bowraville children beyond school hours

vi       Ms Sue Renyard – Promoting Bowraville; opening of the road to Belllingen; Parking in the CBD; Placement of waste bins; safe access for children to the skate park



9.5     Outstanding Water Account.............................................................................................. 3

i         Mr John O'Neill – President Nambucca Heads Island Gold Club


9.7     Lower Buckrabendinni Road - Requests to Extend Road Seal............................................. 4

i         Mr Jim Cameron – User of Lower Buckrabendinni Road

ii        Mr Terry Baldwin – User of Lower Buckrabendinni Road


9.8 & 9.14 Visitor Information Centre Leasing and Tourism Update............................................... 5

i         Mr Robert Kennedy—Nambucca River Houseboats and River Cruises

ii        Ms Eleanora Snart – Nambucca Valley Tourism Association

iii       Ms Jacky Ashcroft—President Nambucca Valley Craft and Art

iv       Mr Barry Duffus – Keep Current Visitor Information Centre open





i         Mr Tony Fuller addressed Council making the following points:

·    He is representing the senior residents of Conen Street Bowraville.  This street is on the heavy vehicle route; many seniors need to walk on the street; some areas have 8 to 10 inches of drop off.  There is a need for a footpath on that side of the street as a safety measure for (particularly) senior residents.

·    The intersection of William and Conen Street is dangerous due to heavy vehicle use; not exactly a T-intersection; drivers coming up the hill are often on the wrong side of the street; is a very unsafe corner;  some minor accidents but will be major accident soon; asking Council to investigate the intersection.


ii        Ms Leona Bush addressed Council making the following points:

·    Requesting large shady trees to beautify CBD of High Street and dispose of dreadful (Blue Nile) palms.  Wants to provide shade and seating in CBD to attract more visitors to Bowraville.


iii       Ms Marion Syratt addressed Council making the following points:

·    Bowraville offers a lot that is and isn't beautiful;  requests that Council supports community input to development of a 10 year plan that supports community and social aspects of Bowraville; fantastic facilities and creative people; low socio economic profile, lack of justice, apathy, long term empty shops;  would like input of ideas from a Public Forum at a Council meeting;  Town Plan is now 12 years old; tabled an ideas sheet for Council's consideration; would like Council to establish a Section 355 Committee – Bowraville Community Association – to develop a strategic plan.


iv       Mr Darron Hall addressed Council making the following points:

·    President of the local pre school; hoons drive up and down Adam Street and there have been several accidents in the past; requests speed bumps or ripple strips/bars;  can get a petition for Council

·    At Coronation Street at the steep hill, hoons driving down in front of the pre school, can Council slow the cars in this area too? Parents won't turn right as it is a dangerous intersection, suggest a mirror;  this issue has been to the Traffic Committee but needs addressing again;

·    Dogs barking in Adam Street due rabbits in the area.  Can anything be done about the rabbits?


v        Mr Malcolm Macfarlane addressed Council making the following points:

·    Speaking as both Principal of Bowraville Central School and resident of the Shire; Council has great record for collaborating with school's activities; school only open for 40 weeks per year, would like other options for the remainder 12 weeks for activities for children;  suggests the creation of a sporting precinct which could include river activities, mountain bike trails, BMX track, skate boarding, basketball courts etc;  sees this as an investment rather than an expense; students would be interested in concept design and any collaboration with Council to make this happen.


vi       Ms Sue Renyard – addressed Council making the following points:

·    Interested in the promotion of Bowraville; needs sign on highway regarding the historical aspects of the town; sought ideas from local businesses and came up with the following ideas:  would school be interested in having its students design the signage; bins are placed in wrong places eg where there is not a lot of output of rubbish; lack of parking in CBD;  businesses should park elsewhere and teachers should park in empty block near school; suggest car parking facility be established; unsuitable parking for drivers with a disability; no effective pedestrian crossing in CBD; unsuitable path from town to skate park; skate park sitting in the middle of nowhere and should be a place for people to come and picnic/bbq;  play area down by the river to be improved;

·    Cars in CBD running into poles which hold up the verandah in front of businesses; kerbside should be marked so cars don't park too close to poles.






9.5  Outstanding Water Account

i         Mr John O'Neill addressed Council making the following points (a copy of his speaking notes are on file SF848):

·       Provided Council with a history of the Golf Club

·       The grass used (Bent Grass) on the greens is unique

·       Island is on a high risk flood plain and can be inundated up to three times per year

·       The causeway goes under water during high tides and this can cause the loss of up to 20 business days per year

·       Club has limited disposable income with income in continual decline and membership in slow decline

·       Only public golfing facility between Coffs Harbour and Kempsey

·       Previous secretary charged with larceny – expect to recover some loss through insurance

·       Requests Council to counter negative article in recent Coffs Advocate.


ITEM 9.5      SF848                131016      Outstanding Water Account

408/16 RESOLVED:        (Ainsworth/Finlayson)


1        That Council offer the Nambucca Heads Island Golf Club $ for $ assistance of up to $50,000 for the employment of competent engineering or specialist golf course consultants to provide a range of costed options to reduce its reliance on the town water supply for irrigation.


2        The Nambucca Heads Island Golf Club be provided with one month to enter into an arrangement with Council staff for the payment of their outstanding water and Crown Lands licence charges.  Any agreement is to ensure their outstanding balance reduces over time.


3        That Council continue not to charge interest on the outstanding balance.


4        That there be a further report to Council on the provision of a design for the replacement of the existing timber bridge which provides access to the car park.




DELEGATIONS continued:


9.7  Lower Buckrabendinni Road - Requests to Extend Road Seal

i         Mr Jim Cameron addressed Council making the following points:

·         Gave example of a personal accident on his property where he had to be air lifted by helicopter as the ambulance would not take him to back to hospital due to his injuries and the bad condition of the road.

·         Hopes no one else finds themselves in same situation.


ii        Mr Terry Baldwin addressed Council making the following points:

·            Provided a history of the road's upkeep by Council

·            Residents will to help Council when they can

·            Highly used road

·            School bus and some trucks cannot use road as it is in such poor conditions on occasions

·            90% landowners have pledged $131,100 to assist Council with the sealing of the road.


ITEM 9.7      RF353                131016      Lower Buckrabendinni Road - Requests to Extend Road Seal

409/16 RESOLVED:        (Smyth/Ballangarry)


1        Council note the estimate of $390,424 to extend the seal on Lower Buckrabendinni      Road by 3.45km to the intersection of Deer Hill Road.


2        The residents of Lower Buckrabendinni Road be requested to confirm their offer of     $131,100 towards the capital cost of sealing this section of road.


3        That Council consider extending the seal on Lower Buckrabendinni Road by 3.45km to the intersection of Deer Hill Road as part of its budget deliberations for the 2017/2018 Operational Plan.


4        That the Member for Oxley be thanked for her representations in relation to the matter and be asked to secure funding from the State Government to assist with funding the extension of the seal.




DELEGATIONS continued:


9.8 & 9.14 Visitor Information Centre Leasing and Tourism Update......................................................... 5

i         Mr Robert Kennedy speaking in favour of Item 9.14, addressed Council making the following points:

·         Operator of small business since 2003 including small car dealership

·         Provide environmental access to waterway

·         Have good working relationship with bus companies

·         Shire will be most vulnerable once bypass completed and tourism will be affected

·         Crafters as co-tenants would not be a viable situation as they are currently struggling financially

·         Council is eroding community spirit by taking Tourism Coordinator out of VIC

·         He will offer professional service

·         Masterplan accepted by Council in 2010, referred to page 45 regarding establishment of a bigger visitor information centre

·         Hope to provide training for people interested in hospitality

·         This facility (VIC) must be used for tourism.


ii        Ms Eleanora Snart speaking against the recommendation addressed Council making the following


·         She is the secretary of Nambucca Valley Tourism Association (NVTA)

·         Quoted from Council resolution at its meeting on 12 May 2016 at Tewinga

·         Proposed level 3 VIC would still be run by Council

·         Proposal that there would be some rental income opportunity

·         Council started immediately to move the Tourism Coordinator to Council's administration centre

·         Late expression of interest by crafters suggested only wall mounted shelving for tourism and a rental of $80 per week was not acceptable

·         If purpose built VIC is closed it is unlikely it will ever by replaced

·         Gave examples of other towns where the highway was bypassed and their VIC's were still fully operational and heavily used

·         NVTA request that the future of VIC be deferred and no changes made at present.


iv       Mr Barry Duffus addressed Council making the following points:

·         Should not be slowing tourism down, it should be revved up

·         Our beautiful river should be cleaned up to encourage more visitors.


iii       Ms Jacky Ashcroft speaking for the recommendations addressed Council making the following points:

·         Speaking on behalf of Nambucca Valley Art and Craft which has been operating for over 26 years

·         Have moved "shop" a number of times to try and find more affordable accommodation and better facilities to display work of artisans

·         All volunteers, and often difficulty in paying commercial rent

·         Sell a wide range of art and craft and would like to be involved with local community and offer teaching of local crafts

·         Saw themselves as an adjunct to the tourism at the VIC, not wanting to displace them

·         Raise money through Breakfast by the River, occasional workshops etc

·         Envisage people from local nursing homes being invited for morning teas on the back terrace at the VIC or even teaching crafts

·         Would provide a sustainable, solid base and make it look arty and crafty and attractive to tourists


ITEM 9.8      SF2251              131016      Visitor Information Centre Leasing and Tourism Update

410/16 RESOLVED:        (Jones/Ballangarry)


That this item be deferred to a Council meeting in March 2017.


ITEM 9.14    SF2251              131016      Visitor Information Centre Leasing - Additional Request

411/16 RESOLVED:        (Ainsworth/Reed)


That the report be received for information.




412/16 RESOLVED:        (Smyth/Ballangarry)


That Council receive the information in Item 12.1.






From Ms Maureen ParkynsI have a suggestion that I would like to make in regards to the roadside and street rubbish bins.  When walking down the street in Bowraville you are unable to put anything into the street rubbish bins as they are always full.  This is because residents are using these bins to place all their household rubbish in instead of taking it to the tip.  My suggestion to fix this problem around the Nambucca Valley is:  If residents that do not have a garbage service and pay an extra (let's say) $80 a year on their rates and Council issue them with a card that will give them free access to the tip for the year, they can take there rubbish to the tip for free instead of paying the fee to go into the tip every time which can be quite pricey if you only have a couple of bags of rubbish each time.   This way the rubbish would not be put into these small roadside bins and Council would not have to empty them as often.  This system has worked very efficiently in Cooma for many years. 


From Ms Martina Corrigan: -(1) The necessity to have the rest of Adam Lane sealed with curbing and guttering. The residents below me also have complained. Several properties are affected by stormwater damage from the laneway. The Council is aware of my complaints over a ten year period and I had submitted video footage and photos of the amount of storm water coming from Adam Lane into my property and subsequently pooling at the lower corner of my house.  I saw it was mainly from some private dwelling at the corner of Adam Lane and Carbin street with his outlet on top of the soil. This flows to the wrong side opposite the so called table drain and consequently into several houses below. If tarred and sealed and captured before entering houses it would not cause damage to buildings.


(2) Is there any truth to the rumour that there is a natural spring capped at the top of Adam Street and Carbin Street? Would the spring find another outlet below? What if it seeps below the buildings? Has this happened recently, for rumour has it that someone had a spring or a well under their house.

(3) It is about time we recycled everything and stopped waste. Stormwater and sewerage should be recycled saving damage to streets, road surfaces and dwellings.


From Mr David Allen: Offered his apology for tonight's meeting as he has a conflicting prior engagement.  He did wish to address Council as part of the Public Forum to request that Mr Gallagher (AGMES) contact him to discuss an issue with kerbside access to Dr Guard's medical surgery and the Bowraville Pharmacy.  He has asked that his request be recorded in the minutes.





There were no questions for Closed Meeting where due notice has been received.




General Manager Report


ITEM 9.1      SF830                131016      Election of Deputy Mayor 2016-2017

407/16 RESOLVED:        (Reed/Finlayson)


1        That the election of a Deputy Mayor proceed by ordinary (secret) ballot if a ballot is required.


2        That nominations be invited and received by the General Manager as returning Officer for the election of Deputy Mayor.


3        That the election of Deputy Mayor proceeds.


4        That the Division of Local Government be advised of the outcome of the election and Council’s website be updated.


5        That following the election, the Mayor declares Cr John Ainsworth elected as Deputy Mayor for the term of office expiring in September 2017. 




ITEM 9.2      SF842                131016      Committees of Management - Facilities and Events

408/16 RESOLVED:        (Ainsworth/Finlayson)


That Council adopt the roster for attendance at the Annual General Meetings for Section 355 Committees with the following amendments:


i         Cr Wilson                       Coronation Park (subject to Cr Wilson's agreement)

ii        Cr Smyth                        Nambucca Community and Arts Centre

iii       Cr Ballangarry OAM       Missabotti Hall

iv       Cr Reed                          Taylors Arm Hall

v        Cr Jones                         Utungun Community Centre




ITEM 9.3      SF842                131016      Council Advisory Committees

409/16 RESOLVED:        (Reed/Ainsworth)


1   That Council adopt the following list of Advisory Committees with new Councillors being nominated to replace retiring Councillors as appropriate:       




Access Committee

Cr Jenvey

Cr Smyth

Arts Mid North Coast


Cr Jenvey – with Council requesting an alternative delegate with voting right (Cr Smyth)

Audit, Risk & Improvement Committee

Cr Wilson (subject to his agreement)

Estuary & Coastline Management Committee

Cr Ainsworth

Cr Finlayson

Cr Reed

General Manager’s Performance Review Committee

All Councillors

Land Development Committee

All Councillors

Local Traffic Committee

(please note that despite the name, the Committee is not a committee of Council but rather the RMS)

One Council rep – currently the Manager Technical Services, NSW Police, RMS, Local State Member of their nominee (Mr Barry Reed)

Lower North Coast Bushfire Management Committee

Cr Ainsworth

Nambucca Bushfire Management Committee

Cr Ainsworth


Nambucca Emergency Operations Centre Committee of Management

Cr Ainsworth

Cr Finlayson

Nambucca Entertainment Centre


Cr Smyth

Cr Ballangarry OAM

NSW North Coast Weed Advisory Committee

Cr Ainsworth

Vehicular Access to Beaches Committee


Cr Ainsworth

Cr Finlayson


2   That Council establish a Clean Energy Committee and seek feedback from Bellingen Shire Council as to their interest in a joint committee.  Further, following the receipt of advice from Bellingen Shire Council that Council staff report back to Council on the composition of the committee, appropriate terms of reference, meeting frequency etc.


3   That the Manager Business Development provide Council with an information session on the past, present and future approaches to economic development prior to the establishment of a Business Advisory Committee with the purpose of facilitating engagement with the Nambucca Shire businesses to work together in preparing the Highway bypass and identifying further opportunities to deliver future economic activity.  Terms of reference to be developed and presented to a Council meeting and may include examples such as tourism, Chamber of Commerce, agriculture, horticulture, event organisers and facilities, industrial and manufacturing, retail and service provision, clubs, sporting and lifestyle facilities.




ITEM 9.4      SF959                131016      Outstanding Actions and Reports

410/16 RESOLVED:        (Ainsworth/Ballangarry)


That the list of outstanding actions and reports be noted and received for information by Council.




Item 9.5 was dealt with under Delegations




ITEM 9.6      SF2025              131016      Joint Organisations - Getting the boundaries right

411/16 RESOLVED:        (Finlayson/Ainsworth)


1        That Council express its preferences for the boundaries of the proposed North Coast Joint Organisation as being:


a)       Most Preferred – as initially recommended and proposed being Nambucca Shire Council, Bellingen Shire Council, Coffs Harbour City Council and Clarence Valley Council.


b)       Less Preferred – as currently proposed being Port Macquarie-Hastings Council, Kempsey Shire Council, Nambucca Shire Council, Bellingen Shire Council, Coffs Harbour City Council and Clarence Valley Council.


2        That Council not support the concept of a Joint Organisation extending from Port Macquarie to Tweed Heads.



Item 9.7 was dealt with under Delegations.



Item 9.8 was dealt with under Delegations.




ITEM 9.9      SF2150              131016      Bowraville Connections, Stage 1 Community Recreation and Sports Precinct

412/16 RESOLVED:        (Smyth/Ballangarry)


That the concept plan be circulated to key stakeholders and organisations in Bowraville for their feedback, noting that the viability, and final location and inclusion of components are yet to be determined. 




Cr Reed left the meeting for Item 9.10 at 8.00 pm and returned after the conclusion of this item at 8.06 pm.


ITEM 9.10    PRF47                131016      Australian White Ibis Management Plan - Dawkins Park Macksville

413/16 RESOLVED:        (Finlayson/Ainsworth)


1        Council commence implementation of the Australian White Ibis Management Plan for Dawkins Lake and a suitably qualified ecologist be engaged to implement the Australian White Ibis Management Plan for Dawkins Park;


2        Council commit $16,000 from the Environmental Levy Reserve in 2016/17 financial year to commence the implementation Australian White Ibis Management Plan.




ITEM 9.11    SF2173              131016      Development Applications greater than 12 months or where submissions received - 21 September to 6 October 2016

414/16 RESOLVED:        (Ainsworth/Finlayson)


That the information be noted by Council.




ITEM 9.12    SF1320              131016      Provision of Insurance Brokerage Services

415/16 RESOLVED:        (Finlayson/Ainsworth)


That Council engage Regional Procurement to undertake a tender on behalf of Nambucca Shire Council for the provision of Insurance Brokerage Services.




ITEM 9.13    SF1438              131016      Community Strategic Plan Review and Corporate Performance Reporting

416/16 RESOLVED:        (Reed/Ainsworth)


1        That Council note the information in this report.


2        That Council resolve to hold a workshop to develop a draft revised Community Strategic Plan on Thursday 15 December 2016.




General Manager Report – LATE


ITEM 9.15    SF25                  131016      Nambucca Valley Garden Club - Request to Waive Tip Fees for Garden Gala and Markets on 29 October 2016

417/16 RESOLVED:        (Jones/Finlayson)


That Council waive the tip fee for the disposal of waste from the Nambucca Valley Garden Club's Garden Gala and Markets which is being held on 29 October 2016 at the Macksville Showground up to the value of $235.




Assistant General Manager Corporate Services Report


ITEM 10.1    SF2230              131016      Investment Report To 31 July 2016

Motion:      (Ainsworth/Reed)


That the Accountants’ Report on Investments placed to 31 August 2016 be noted.


Amendment:       (Jones/Ainsworth)


That the Accountants’ Report on Investments placed to 31 August 2016 be noted and in February 2017 there be a report to Council on options for Council investments.


The amendment was carried and it became the motion and it was:


418/16 Resolved:        (Jones/Ainsworth)


That the Accountants’ Report on Investments placed to 31 August 2016 be noted and in February 2017 there be a report to Council on options for Council investments.




ITEM 10.2    SF251                131016      Schedule of Council Public Meetings

419/16 RESOLVED:        (Ainsworth/Finlayson)


That the schedule of dates for public Council meetings be noted and received for information by Council.




ITEM 10.3    SF298                131016      Argents Hill Hall Committee of Management - Minutes of Annual General Meeting - 12 September 2016

420/16 RESOLVED:        (Finlayson/Reed)


That Council endorse minutes of the Committee of Management for Argents Hill Hall’s Annual General Meeting held on 12 September 2016, and thank the outgoing Committee for their work in the past twelve months.




ITEM 10.4    SF344                131016      Warrell Creek Hall Committee of Management AGM - 2 September 2016 - Minutes

421/16 RESOLVED:        (Ainsworth/Reed)


That Council endorse the Minutes of the Committee of Management for the Warrell Creek Hall’s Annual General Meeting held on 7 September 2016 and thank the outgoing Committee for their work in the past twelve months.




ITEM 10.5    SF588                131016      Nambucca District Historical Society Committee of Management - Minutes of Annual General Meeting - 20 September 2016

422/16 RESOLVED:        (Finlayson/Reed)


That Council endorse the minutes of the Committee of Management for the Nambucca District Historical Society’s Annual General Meeting held on 20 September 2016.




ITEM 10.6    SF323                131016      Nambucca Community and Arts Centre Committee of Management Annual General Meeting - 19 August 2016

423/16 RESOLVED:        (Finlayson/Reed)


That Council endorse the minutes of the Committee of Management for the Nambucca Community and Arts Centre’s Annual General Meeting held on 19 August 2016 and thank the outgoing Committee for their work in the past twelve months.




Assistant General Manager Engineering Services Report


ITEM 11.1    SF453                131016      Waste Disposal Vouchers

424/16 RESOLVED:        (Finlayson/Ballangarry)


1        That Council receive and note the information provided in the bulky goods voucher system report.


2        That Council continue with the voucher system for both urban and rural residents until the cessation of the extended period for the waste contract (March 2018).


3        That one or more three cubic metre cage mounted box trailers be located at the Nambucca Waste Facility for use by eligible residents to transport their bulky goods in the case that they do not have access to a trailer.






There being no further business the Mayor then closed the meeting the time being 8.30 pm. 


Confirmed and signed by the Mayor on 27 October 2016.