Ordinary Council Meeting - 12 October 2017


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9        General Manager Report

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Ordinary Council Meeting                                                                                               12 October 2017

General Manager's Report

ITEM 9.15    SF45                121017         Local Government NSW Annual Conference


AUTHOR/ENQUIRIES:    Michael Coulter, General Manager         




A summary is not required.





Councillors advise the General Manager by Thursday 19 October 2017 if they wish to attend the Local Government NSW Annual Conference being held in Sydney from Monday 4 December to Wednesday 6 December 2017.





There are no options.  The report is for information.





The Local Government NSW Annual Conference is being held from 4 December to 6 December 2017 at the Hyatt Regency, 161 Sussex Street, Sydney.


Early bird registration for $899 closes on 23 October 2017.  Thereafter it increases to $999.


The timing of the conference has been put back to allow for the recent election of Councils which were the subject of amalgamation proposals.


The conference will be a useful opportunity for those in the industry to take stock of the significant change which has occurred over the past 12 months.  Besides sessions dedicated to post amalgamation lessons there are keynote addresses by the Premier, the Minister for Local Government, the Shadow Minister for Local Government, journalist Annabel Crabb and the Chief Executive of Local Government Information Unit UK, Dr Jonathon Carr-West.


Each financial member of LGNSW is entitled to a certain number of voting delegates.  There is a formula prescribed in the Association’s Rules for determining the number of voting delegates for each member council.  LGNSW are proposing to notify members by Friday 13 October 2017 of the number of voting delegates that they are entitled to send.  Previously this Council has been provided with two voting delegates.


In terms of determining who the Council voting delegates will be it is proposed that the Mayor be one with the second to be determined by agreement or possibly a shared arrangement over the two days.  This Council’s delegates should not vote at the Conference in a manner contrary to any position adopted by this Council although where the Council does not have a resolved policy position delegates can vote as they see fit.





There has been consultation with the Mayor.






There are no implications for the environment.




There are no social implications.




There are no economic implications.




There are no identified risks.




Direct and indirect impact on current and future budgets


There is a budgetary allocation for Councillors for training, travel and conferences.  The majority of Councillors have funding remaining for this financial year.  The General Manager can advise Councillors of the balance of their allocation if they are interested in attending the conference.


Source of fund and any variance to working funds


At this stage there is no impact on working funds.


Service level changes and resourcing/staff implications


There is no service level or resourcing/staff implications.




38739/2017 - LGNSW Annual Conference 2017 Progam as at 9 October



Ordinary Council Meeting - 12 October 2017

Local Government NSW Annual Conference