Bushfire Recovery General Information and Fact Sheets

The NSW Government organise and coordinate disaster management through Resilience NSW, which used to be the Office of Emergency Management. Coordinated by Resilience NSW, there is a regional recovery network in place to support recovery at a local level, as well as a national framework under the National Bushfire Recovery Agency.


Including Lunch

Saturday September 26th
Taylor's Arm Hall
After living through, one, two or even more recent disasters, many people have questions about preparedness for the future, or what preparations are already in place for disaster management. Taking some simple steps to prepare for an emergency can help reduce stress and keep you safe. 

This Red Cross Emergency Preparedness session looks at:

A representative from the SES and RFS will be in attendance too.
Please RSVP for catering and COVID purposes, Call Alison on 6568 0243 or 0418 377 4030.
For more information call Eleanor Harris, Regional Emergency Services Officer 0426 916 984.


RFS Get Ready Weekend 2020
Brigade Location name Street Address Date Time
Valla Beach Valla Beach Brigade Station Valla Beach Road 20/09/2020 10am-2:00 PM
Valla Valla Brigade Station 451 Valla Road 20/09/2020 10am-1:00 PM
Newee Creek Newee Creek Brigade Station Cnr Newee Creek Road & Irvines Road 19/09/2020 9:30-2: 30 PM
South Arm South Arm Station 1041 South Arm Road 20/09/2020 10am- 2:00 PM
North Macksville Nambucca Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) Kelly Close, Macksville 19/09/2020 9am to 3:00 PM
Grays Crossing / Taylors Arm Taylors Arm Station Taylors Arm Road 20/09/2020 9.30am to 12:30 PM
Warrell Creek Warrell Creek Station Sonnys Road 19/09/2020 10am-2:00 PM
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Our dedicated local bushfire recovery officers are;

Services NSW

Reminder: Many bushfire related queries are channelled through Services NSW Bushfire Customer Care Service on 13 77 88 or visit; www.service.nsw.gov.au/campaign/bushfire-customer-care-service.
Our local Services NSW contact is Lena Jones.

Have your Say - Survey in Partnership with Resilience NSW
The Nambucca Valley Council and the NSW Government are committed to continuing to support you on your recovery journey, following the devastating bushfires. In the months since the disaster, we have been in touch with many of those in the community whose residence was damaged or destroyed in the fires through face to face and phone contact, newsletters, community meetings and through outreach activities. 

COVID 19 has had an impact on everyone so we are exploring other ways to get in touch. To this end, Council has partnered with Service NSW and Resilience NSW to disseminate a survey. Your answers will help us:

We know that email doesn’t work for everyone so to make sure we are providing as many people the opportunity to participate in this survey as possible you will have the option to complete this survey by either;

Connecting with impacted community members and hearing from you helps us provide support to you and the community

If you need help filling out the survey or wish to discuss it, please contact Alison Laverty The Bushfire Recovery Officer from the Nambucca Valley Council on 6568 0243 or by email on Alison.Laverty@nambucca.nsw.gov.au

Office of Emergency Management's Recovery Newsletters

These newsletters contain information on State and Federal Government initiatives, including grants, welfare assistance, clean-up procedures, insurance contacts and other.

If returning to your property, please read the .pdf information brochure Safework Property Hazards Following Bushfire.

Council's Local Community Newsletters

These newsletters contain information on local volunteer actions, a list of charitable organisations offering financial assistance and how to apply, council initiatives and bushfire related upcoming events.

Council Assistance Measures

Council’s Bushfire Relief Grants - Phase 3 Grant – up to $1,500 - for bushfire damaged properties
Council’s Phase 2 Bushfire Relief Grant for damaged properties closed at the end of June. For all those that applied, we will now be processing Phase 3 grants. This grant is up to $1,500 is for any property which incurred damage that exceeded $1,500 as a direct result of the Kian Road bushfire. No application is required, we will use information provided in Phase 2 to assist with the rollout of financial support. You will receive and email once this payment has been made.

Building assistance

If you lost your home in the Kian Rd fire and are unsure about the next step to take in order to rebuild on your property, please contact Rhiannon (0418 206 748) or Alison (0418 377 430). We are looking to make individual property assessment appointments, using professional expertise (free-of-charge) to assist with your rebuild.

Development Application: Council is donating DA fees for people who lost their home as well as for those who lost a shed where a DA is required. These fees and charges include but are not limited to development application fees; complying development fees; s68 application fees, construction certificates fees; advertising and notification fees; inspection fees; and Section 7.12 developer contributions (where applicable).. Council will also provide copies of prior plans and documents with no administration fees, where available. Please call Lisa Hall (Technical Officer Development and Environment) on 6568 2555 to discuss the application process and your specific needs.

Support with 1st and 2nd  installment of rate payments for 2020/21

People who lost their home or business or were damaged beyond repair according to the NSW Rural Fire Service will have their 1st and 2nd rates installments paid by Services NSW. Once Services NSW make this payment, Council will automatically apply it to ratepayers’ accounts without you needing to do anything. If you receive a rates notice but you are eligible for this rates assistance, please don't worry. The appropriate payments will be made and Services NSW will notify you once it has been done.

Road numbers:
Council has ordered reflective road numbers for those properties that were destroyed in the Kian Rd fire. Council will be in touch when these are available for collection. If you didn’t lose your home but did lose your road number, let us know and we will order a new one for you.

Bushfire Relief Appeal: The Council has also established its own tax deductible donations fund to support residents who have been directly impacted by the Kian Road bushfire. Donations can be made via the following link: www.nambucca.nsw.gov.au/bushfire-appeal/

Expenditure of $1million federal government funding: Public submission process: The final program for the expenditure of $1m in Commonwealth funding, after all public submissions were processed, was put to the 27 February Council meeting. It has now been adopted. Anybody wishing to read the final recommendations can find it with the Council meeting minutes at: https://nambucca.nsw.gov.au/cp_themes/default/page.asp?p=DOC-KUT-82-76-57

Other Items of Interest

Regional Disaster Preparedness Program: After living through, one, two or even more recent disasters, many people have questions about preparedness for the future, or what preparations are already in place for disaster management. The state government organisation, Resilience NSW, is running a program working with communities and councils to try to address these concerns.

National Bushfire Recovery Agency (NBRA): Real stories from real people help others to know that recovery is possible when we work together. If you have a local story that could help other affected communities on their road to recovery, you might like to share them with the NBRA at: Communications@bushfirerecovery.gov.au

NSW Government planning changes - installation of a moveable dwelling: People whose homes have been badly damaged in a bushfire can install a moveable dwelling, such as a caravan, on land without council approval for up to two years. If a person wishes to stay in the moveable dwelling beyond two years, council approval will be needed. A movable dwelling is defined under the Local Government Act and can include a tent, caravan or van used for human habitation. It can also include a manufactured home, which is a self-contained dwelling that is designed to be moved from one position to another.

Council Media Releases

Key Federal and State Government Assistance

Most services and government grants are now being coordinated through Service NSW. People affected by the fire are encouraged to call 13 77 88 and the NSW Bushfire Customer Care Service will help you navigate the support and financial assistance that's available across all levels of government.

Some examples of the types of support available include;

Some grant information pages

How can I help those affected by the bushfires? Donate to Nambucca Valley Council's Bushfire Relief Appeal

Many wonderful people are asking what is the best way to help those affected by the NSW bushfires?
The best way to help our impacted communities is to donate money. Please DO NOT donate physical goods such as toys, furniture and clothes at this time. They are usually not needed and fill up community spaces and take volunteers away from other important tasks. If you have goods to donate, consider having a garage sale and donating the proceeds instead.
If you are ready to donate money, please consider our Nambucca Valley Council Bushfire Relief Appeal.
All donations received from this Appeal will go towards residents or groups directly affected by the Kian Road Fire disaster. No funds from donations will go towards administration or other non charitable purpose. 
Further information will be posted to this page as it becomes available. 




Nambucca Valley Council Bushfire Relief Appeal Background

Nambucca Valley Council Bushfire Relief Appeal background and further information

Nambucca Valley Council Bushfire Relief Appeal Terms of Reference

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