Moving Forward - Community Grants Program

Nambucca Valley Council launched its “Moving Forward” Community Grants Program in December last year, funded under the Bushfire Community Recovery and Resilience Fund for local, community driven events and projects to aid in the social recovery of the Nambucca Valley community.

Community Bushfire Recovery Grants Program
“A wide range of applications were received and Council is confident these community
recovery events will lift our spirits and see the Nambucca Valley dancing, riding, discussing,
connecting and more into 2022. After drought, fire, Covid and flood our community event
line-up will help boost the local economy and bring us together, stronger for the future,”
says Mayor, Councillor Rhonda Hoban OAM.

The following grant applications were successful and below is an event calendar to highlight the dates not to be missed coming up!

Large grant successful applications include;
 Small grant successful applications include;



Donations Program 2021-2022