Nambucca Shire Council is presently seeking public comment on proposed amendments to the Nambucca Local Environmental Plan 2010 (LEP). The proposed amendments are as follows:

Item 1:  Include restrictions on the height and floor space ratio of buildings at 2A Banyandah Road, Hyland Park; Yamaan Road and Bolwarra Close, Hyland Park; and 65 & 78 Wallace Street, Macksville.

Item 2:  Remove floor space ratio controls on commercial land within High Street, Bowraville to facilitate the activation of Adam Lane.

Item 3:  Rezone 45 Old Coast Road, Nambucca Heads to a residential zone to reflect its current use, amend the minimum lot size map, and implement floor space ratio and height of building controls.

Item 4:  Rezone Lot 701 DP 1054525 - Boronia Street, Nambucca Heads to a residential zone to reflect current/intended use and implement floor space ratio and height of building controls.

Item 5:  Enable temporary events on public reserves and roads to be carried out without development consent.

Item 6: Rezone 21 Riverside Drive, Nambucca Heads from its existing residential zoning to an Environmental Conservation zone in recognition of the cultural significance of the site and its recent acquisition by the crown for public purposes.

Item 7: Rezone existing residential zoned land within the road reserve at the intersection of Hyland Park Road and Mann Street, Nambucca Heads to facilitate development on the land which is consistent with development permissible on the adjoining business zoned allotment.

Item 8:  Alter the commercial zone within the Macksville CBD to permit residential development in fringe areas which are predominantly characterised as residential areas.

Item 9:  List the Reserve Hall (known now as the Rec hut) on the Crown Reserve at Scotts Head as a heritage item.

Item 10: Amend the minimum lot size for the Valla Beach caravan park to enable the subdivision of a residential lot from the existing large lot containing the caravan park.

Item 11: Insert a new standard clause which requires consideration to be given to measures to manage risk to life from flood in areas above the flood planning level.

Item 12: Include a ‘pub’ as an additional permitted use on Lot 519 DP 859627 and on part of Lot 1 DP 1187844 & Lot 520 DP 859627 – Wellington Drive, Nambucca Heads to make the existing pub (V-Wall Tavern) a permissible use as well as future additions to the pub.

Item 13: Include a ‘caravan park’ as an additional permitted use on part of Lot 7003 DP 1113130, Lot 7001 DP 1117183 and Lot 70 DP 1187005 so that it is permissible to approve development applications seeking approval to legalise existing encroachments onto these lots from the Big 4 and Foreshore caravan parks in Nambucca Heads.

Item 14: Amend the Land Zoning Map at 4 Back Street, Nambucca Heads by rezoning the rear western halves of these lots from B3 Commercial Core to a residential zone to be consistent with surrounding lots and practical with regards to the topography of the land. Amend the Floor Space Ratio, Height of Building, and Minimum Lot Size maps on the areas to be rezoned to R3 Medium Density Residential by including standards that are consistent with adjoining land already zoned R3.

Item 15: Provide an exemption for the creation of a grave or monument in an existing cemetery.

Item 16: Provide an exemption for the placement of an A-frame sign on a public footpath within a business zone.

Item 17: Delete existing exempt and complying development provisions within Schedules 2 and 3 of the LEP which have no effect.

The Minister of Planning has chosen to delegate the making of the LEP to Nambucca Shire Council. The draft LEP may be viewed and downloaded from Council’s website It is also displayed at Council's Administration Centre at 44 Princess Street, Macksville during business hours.

Attachement #1
Nambucca LEP Planning Proposal~For Exhibition - 10MB

Attachement #2
Ecological Assessment - 4.5MB

Written submissions are encouraged and will be received up until 4.30 pm Monday 16 December 2019.
Please note that any submission may be incorporated in a Council business paper or otherwise publicly disclosed. Submissions should be addressed to the General Manager, Nambucca Shire Council, PO Box 177, Macksville NSW 2447 or




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