Electronic Lodgement Portal

If you wish to lodge the following types of applications with Council electronically, they must be lodged via this Portal – they cannot be lodged on a disk, thumb drive, or other electronic method, including email.
  • Development Application
  • Construction Certificate
  • Combined Development Application/Construction Certificate application
  • Modifications to Development Consent (Section 4.55 Application)
  • Complying Development Application
  • Subdivision Certificate Application
Only the above applications can be uploaded via the portal. Other applications to Council must be submitted via normal avenues (i.e. post, over the counter, etc).  If you are lodging a Development Application that is integrated development, you will be contacted by the NSW Government's Planning Portal during the assessment process by email detailing how you must pay online for the additional integrated development fees due to government agencies.
All documents must be lodged in digital form as PDF documents. (Please note: PDF documents are not to have any security applied to them for upload). File sizes are limited to 10MB. 
Plans must be to scale and rotated to landscape. Photos and other images must be in JPEG format (unless contained and scanned within a document).
All applications must have Council’s Development Application Form Part A and Development Application Form Part B lodged with them as PDF documents. For a list of other documents and plans required, please refer the matrix attached to  Development Application Form Part A. You may also discuss documentation required to be lodged with Council’s Duty Planner, who is available between 11.00am and 1.00pm Monday to Friday.
Once you have lodged your application, the portal will provide you with a reference number (note - this is not your application number - that will be available once your application has been accepted by Council). 
Upon lodgement, Council will check all applications for completeness. If the application is complete, an officer will be in contact, via email, to confirm that the application has been accepted by and lodged with Council and to arrange payment. 
Council will email you an invoice to pay for the lodgement of the application. If payment is not received within three business days of the invoice being sent to you, the application will be rejected by Council and must be lodged again if you wish to continue with it.
If your application is incomplete, an officer will email you detailing what additional information is required to be lodged prior to the application being accepted by Council. They will provide a link via email which you must use to upload the additional information required.  You will also be able to remove any incorrect information at this time.
If the additional information is not received by Council within seven days, the application will be cancelled by Council and an email sent to you informing you of this action.
Once all information has been received and assessed as complete, an officer will be in contact, via email, to arrange payment and the process will be as described above.
Please note: lodging an application with Council via the portal does not mean that it has been accepted by Council. Acceptance and processing of your application will only occur once Council notifies you via email that your application has been accepted.
For further information, contact Council’s Business Service Officers on 6568 2555 for assistance during normal business hours.
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