Neighbourhood Safer Places (NSW Rural Fire Services)

Neighbourhood Safer Places (NSP) is a new concept that has evolved out of the tragic Victorian ‘Black Saturday’ bush fires in February 2009. A Neighbourhood Safer Place (NSP) is a place of last resort for people during a bush fire. It can be part of your contingency plan, for a time when your Bush Fire Survival Plan cannot be implemented or has failed. In September 2009, the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS), in conjunction with other NSW emergency service organisations, developed guidelines for the identification of NSPs across the State of NSW. As part of this identification process, potential NSPs are assessed against a set of criteria to determine if the building or open space is suitable. The primary purpose of a NSP is the protection of human life.

The Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC) has identified the following  NSPs for areas within the Nambucca Shire Local Government Area.

It is also recommended that residents living close to a local government boundary check the location of NSPs in the adjoining local government area. Your closest NSP may well be in the adjoining local government area.

Remember to complete your Bush Fire Survival Plan to ensure that you and your family are prepared and know what to do in the event of a bush fire. If there is a suitable NSP nearby your home, you should note it in you Bush Fire Survival Plan. However, the NSP should only be considered as a place of last resort during a bush fire emergency.

Nambucca NSPs
The designated NSP locations in the Nambucca Shire Council are set out in the following table.

Title Type Location
Donnelly Welsh Playing Field Open Space Dudley Street, Macksville
Valla Community Hall Building 451 Valla Road, Valla
Utungun Community Hall Building 1029 Taylors Arm Road, Utungun
Taylors Arm Oval Open Space Cnr North Bank Road and Taylors Arm Road, Taylors Arm
Scotts Head Bowling Club Building West Street, Scotts Head
Nambucca Plaza  Open Space Cnr Pacific Highway and Bellwood Road, Nambucca Heads


Emergency Contacts

Council Contact Numbers for After Hours Emergencies are located at the bottom of this page.

Nambucca Local Emergency Management Plan (EMPLAN)

This is the unrestricted version of the Nambucca Shire Council Local Emergency Management Plan (EMPLAN) which was adopted in March 2016. The plan details arrangements that prevent or mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies within the Nambucca Local Government Area.