Disclosure of Councillors and Designated Persons

Disclosures by Councillors and Designated Persons Return

Mayor - Rhonda Hoban
Cr John Wilson
Cr Anne Smyth
Cr Martin Ballangarry
Cr Susan Jenvey
Cr John Ainsworth
Cr Janine Reed
Cr David Jones
Michael Coulter
Robert Hunt
Paul Gallagher
Matthew Leibrandt
Clint Fitzsummons
Richard Spain
Joanne Hudson
Daniel Walsh
Wayne Lowe
Keith Williams
Darren Moulds
Matthew Sykes



The 2021 Census

Nambucca Valley Relief Fund Rules

Rules adopted for the Nambucca Valley Relief Fund.

Nambucca Valley Relief Fund - Thank You

Thank you message for those who have donated to the Nambucca Valley Relief Fund after making a payment.

Nambucca Valley Relief Fund - Donations

Nambucca Valley Relief Fund's donations payment page. To accept donations in the event of disaster and necessitous circumstances.

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