Council Policies

What is a policy?

Policies express Council's position on a particular issue or subject. They express the why and what of Council decision making.

Policies must be formally adopted in a meeting of Council and comply with Council's legal obligations and relevant community standards.

Why are policies important?

Nambucca Shire Council has many responsibilities and performs many tasks to maintain and improve the Shire and make it a great place to live, work and play.

Policies are essential to ensure that legal, fair and consistent decisions are made across the Council.  They support Council in achieving its corporate objectives and provide crucial guidelines for Councillors, staff and others.  Without reliable policies there is a greater risk of inconsistency, confusion and inefficiency.

Category Policy Name
Finance Related Party Disclosure Policy
Water Water Supply
Water Water Carters
Engineering Services ES 18 - Waste Collection Service Availability Conditions
Engineering Services ES 22 - Remote Signage
Engineering Services ES 23 - Urban and Rural Road Naming
Engineering Services ES 24 - Pesticide Use Notifictaion Plan
Green Space Guidelines - Trees on Public Land
Green Space Trees Maintenance and Removal of Trees and Street Gardens on Public Land managed by Council  
Green Space Tree Vandalism
Human Resources Resignations - Purchase of Gifts Policy
Assets Sustainable Fleet and Plant
Roads Streets Roads Numbering - Rural and Urban Addressing
Assets Street Lighting - Public Roads
Health Smoke Free Outdoor Areas
Development Sewerage - Building in the Vicinity of Sewers
Development Section 94 64 Contributions
Events Rural and Residential Land Activities
Roads Roadside Maintenance 
Roads Roads - General - Temporary Road Closure
Roads Roads - General - Erection of Public Gates and Motor Bypass Grids
Roads Roads - General - Provision and Maintenance of Roads
Roads Road Signage on Public Land
Engineering Services ES 03 Footpath and Cycleway
Governance Risk Management Policy
Assets Reserves and Parks - Conditions of Use of Sports grounds
Corporate Services Requests and Complaints
Corporate Services Records Management Policy and Plan
Rates Rates Hardship
Corporate Services Privacy Management Plan
Assets Plant - Tenders and New Purchases - Chlorofluorocarbons
Green Space Noxious Weeds and other Invasive Plants
Corporate Services Not for Profit Charities, Community Groups, Service Clubs, Sporting Clubs - Discounted Application Fees
Engineering Services ES 07 Memorials on Council Controlled Land
Development & Environment Local Orders Policy
Development & Environment Local Approvals Policy
Waste Management Liquid Trade Waste Management
Corporate Services Investment Strategy 2018
Corporate Services Investment Policy 2018
Human Resources Insurance - Contractors Insurance - Workers Compensation - Public Liability - Motor Vehicle
Corporate Services Insurance - Consultants Professional Indemnity
Finance Home Dialysis Patients Allowance
Environment Wood Fire Heater - Domestic Solid Fuel
Health, Environment & Development Model Asbestos Policy for NSW councils
Environment Environmental Compliance - Environmental Management System Manual EMS - Shire Works Deport
Property Easement and Sewerage, Water and Stormwater Pipelines
Corporate Services Donations (Charitable and Other)
Property Domestic Solid Fuel Wood Fire Heater
Environment Deep Creek Entrance Management
Finance Debt Recovery
Councillors Councillors - Committees of Management Generally
Councillors Councillors/Staff/Delegates - Travel Interstate and Overseas
Councillors Councillors - Expenses and Facilities Policy adopted 31 August 2017
Environment Control of Burning
Engineering Services Contracts and Contractors - Tenders for Contractors Affecting Day Labour
Corporate Services Consultancy Information - Briefs on Consultancies for Council 
Environment & Planning Compliance, Enforcement and Prosecution
Animals Companion Animals
Environment & Planning Charges Applicable to Development/Construction Applications for Council Owned Properties
Engineering Services Bushfire Buffers on Public Land
Engineering Services Bridges Service Levels
Engineering Services Beach Management
Plumbing & Drainage Backflow Prevention - Information for Plumbers
Plumbing & Drainage Backflow Prevention Containment
Assets Asset Management
Finance Accounting and Finance (Various)
Governance Statement of Business Ethics
Governance Procurement of Goods and Services
Governance Internal Reporting (Public Interest Disclosure)
Governance Code of Meeting Practice
Library Library Management Children and Young Adults
Library Library Management Collection Development Policy
Library Library Management Fines and Fee Waiving Policy
Library Library Management Internet Policy
Library Library Management Loans Policy
Rates Pensioner Concession Rebate Policy
Environment & Planning Contaminated Land Policy
Sewerage Pressure Sewerage
Human Resources Unreasonable Complainant Coduct Policy and Procedures
Corporate Services Section 355 Committies, Guide to Operations and Delegations of Authority
Cemetery Policy Cemetery Policy - Adopted 29/11/2018