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2016 North Coast Regional State of the Environment Report

North Coast Regional State of the Environment Report aims to report on environmental condition at both a regional and local level primarily for the 2012 to 2016 reporting period, but including information from the 2012 RSoE where relevant.

2020 North Coast Regional State of the Environment Report Summary

2022/23 Budget - Environmental Levy Funded Projects

2023 NSW State Election Information


4WD Beach Permits

Nambucca, Kempsey and Port Macquarie-Hastings local government areas share a common Beach Driving Permit allowing 4WD vehicles to access designated beaches. Private and/or Amateur Fishermen, as well as Professional Fishermen need a Beach Driving Permit to access the beaches in the Nambucca Valley by 4WD.


About your Libraries

Access to Public Information (GIPA) Act 2009

Access to Public Information (GIPA) Act 2009


How to Resize Pages on this Website

Alcohol Free Zone (AFZ)

Council has established an Alcohol Free Zones in accordance with Section 644 of the Local Government Act 1993.

Annual Financial Statements

Annual Report

Annual Report

Arts Mid-North Coast

Arts Mid North Coast is the peak body for arts and cultural development across the Mid North Coast region. We are a regional non-profit, incorporated organisation, and part of a state network of 13 Regional Arts Boards that provide the framework for arts and cultural development across regional and rural NSW.

Asbestos Information

Links to information about Asbestos from various state agencies.

Australian Sports Commission - Local Sporting Champions

Grants to help young people pursue their sporting dreams. Young people find it difficult to meet the ongoing and significant costs associated with participation at sporting competitions, particularly those from regional areas.



The Nambucca Valley has many stunning beaches to explore and enjoy. A variety of services such as access ramps, life saving, caravan parks, boat ramps, barbecues, public amenity blocks etc are also available nearby.

Beyond Blue - Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service

Births, Deaths and Marriages

Boat Ramps

Boat Ramps

Bowra Dam Construction Gallery April 2013

Bowra Dam Construction Gallery April 2013

Bowra Dam Construction Gallery August 2014 - Aerial

Bowra Dam Construction Gallery February 2013

Bowra Dam Construction Gallery Feruary 2013

Bowra Dam Construction Gallery January 2014

Bowra Dam Construction Gallery January 2014 - Aerial

Bowra Dam Construction Gallery July 2014 - Aerial

Bowra Dam Construction Gallery June 2014

Bowra Dam Construction Gallery June 2014 - Aerial

Bowra Dam Construction Gallery June 2016

Bowra Dam Construction Gallery March 2014

Bowra Dam Construction Gallery May 2014

Bowra Dam Construction Gallery May 2014 - Aerial

Bowra Dam Construction Gallery November 2015

Bowra Dam Construction Gallery October 2013

Bowra Dam Construction Gallery October 2013

Bowra Dam Construction Gallery October 2013 - Aerial

Bowra Dam Construction Gallery October 2013 - Aerial

Bowra Dam Construction Gallery October 2014 - Aerial

Bowra Dam Construction Gallery September 2013

Bowra Dam Construction Gallery September 2013

Bowraville Off-River Water Storage Project

The Nambucca Shire water supply is a single source supply drawn from bores sunk into alluvial deposits adjacent to the Nambucca River upstream of the town of Bowraville. Studies have confirmed that the aquifer has limited storage capacity and cannot be expected to meet current and future water supply demands during periods of drought. During the drought of 2002 two of the eight bores began to run dry and it was estimated that there was between 30 to 60 days supply of water available when the drought broke.

Bridge Load Limits - Council and Country Rail Infrastructure

Bushfire Emergency Information

Business Papers


Capital Works Program

Capital Works are building and engineering works that create an asset, as well as constructing or installing facilities and fixtures associated with an forming an integral part of those works. In this area you will find an explanation of how the Capital Works Program has been created, a list of all projects for the current financial year and a Monthly Progress Status Report.


Public Cemeteries There are five public cemeteries located in the Nambucca Valley at Nambucca Heads, Macksville, Bowraville, Eungai Creek and Argents Hill.  The cemetery located at Blackbutt Creek is an historic cemetery. All public cemeteries are administered by Council and require approvals prior to undertaking any work within the cemetery areas. Council maintains a register of interments in each cemetery and issues approvals for headstones and monuments erected on individual grave sites. The maintenance of approved headstones and monuments remains the responsibility of the person who holds the right of burial for the grave site. Reservations for grave sites within the public cemeteries must be made with Council, with the exception of Macksville Cemetery - all remaining available burial sites are allocated "at need" only and next available. Please view the map of Macksville Cemeteries Lawn Beam section here Columbarium walls Columbarium Walls have been erected in the following cemeteries for the interment of ashes: Nambucca Heads, Macksville, Bowraville and Eungai Creek/Unkya. Niche reservations may be made in the columbarium walls by contacting Council’s Administration Centre on (02) 6568 2555.


Claim for Compensation Form

Climate Change

Local Adaptations Pathways Program

Coast & Estuary Management

Code of Conduct

The NSW Local Government Act 1993 requires Council to adopt a code of conduct. The code provides Council with a framework for ethical decision making and standards of behaviour of councillors, employees and community representatives.

Committees of Management

Committees of Management - Community Halls

Council has a variety of much loved country halls available for hire that are run by a dedicated group of volunteers under the auspices of Committees of Management (Section 355).

Committees of Management - Sporting Fields

The Nambucca Valley has a number of sporting fields for use by the community and can be hired through the Committee of Management.

Community Participation Plan

Community Plans & Strategies

Community Plans & Strategies

Companion Animal Microchipping & Registration

Companion Animals On / Off Leash Areas

Companion Animals On Off Leash Areas

Control of Burning

Control of Burning information and maps.

Convict Records

Coronation Park Egress Works

Council Emergency Management Plans

Disaster Recovery Plan, Pandemic Plan and Business Continuity Plan Emergency Management Information and EMPLAN

Council facility operating hours over the December 2022/January 2023 holiday period.

Council Forms

Council forms

Council operations due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Find out all you need to know about any changes to Council's operations due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Council Policies

Council Policies covering Governance, Corporate Services, Development and Environment, Engineering Serivces

Councillor Ricky Buchanan awarded the 2022 Pat Dixon Scholarship


Current Council Contractors


Delegations of Authority

Development Application Process

A step by step list of the Development Application process.

Development Control Plan

Development Control Plan 2010 - Parts A through to Part O

DEVELOPMENT PROPOSAL - Modified Development Consent 491 Valla Road, Valla

DEVELOPMENT PROPOSAL Modified Development Consent 491 Valla Road, Valla

Dialysis Patients Donations

Digital Collections

Disclosure of Councillors and Designated Persons

Donation Completion Page


Donations Program 2022-2023


Electronic Lodgement Portal

Provides access to Councils electronic lodgement facility

Emergency Contacts

Council Contact Numbers for After Hours Emergencies are located at the bottom of this page.

Employment Land Strategy

This Strategy will form the employment lands component of Nambucca Council’s Local Growth Management Strategy. GHD and the AECgroup have prepared this Strategy on behalf of Nambucca Shire Council and the Department of Industry and Investment. It is intended to guide and manage future industrial and commercial development until at least 2051. For the purposes of this Strategy employment lands are defined as lands zoned so that they are predominately used for activities resulting in employment. Employment lands therefore include existing and future industrial, commercial and mixed use land.

Energy Efficiency

Council is committed to helping residents reduce energy usage, save money and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Enterprise Risk Management

Environmental Compliance - Water and Sewerage

Changes to the environmental protection legislation as a result of the Protection of the Environment Legislation Amendment Act 2011 requires all local Councils to publish effluent discharge monitoring data from each of their wastewater treatment plant sites from 1 July 2012.

Environmental Impact Statement Bowraville Off River Water Storage

An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was prepared on behalf of Nambucca Shire Council for the proposed Bowraville Off River Water Storage in the Nambucca Valley.

Essential Energy - Faulty streetlight reporting portal

Expressions of Interest - Reconnecting Regional NSW Funding


Fact Sheets & Guidelines


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Get Ready Nambucca Valley

Gumma Reserve

There are limited campsites available - please contact the Caretaker prior to arrival. Gumma Reserve is currently identified as a primitive and popular campground located approximately 5.7km east of Macksville and can be accessed via Gumma Road.


Health Alerts

Numerous unvaccinated puppies have been brought to the Macksville or Nambucca Heads Veterinary Clinics with severe gastroenteritis (vomiting and diarrhoea). It is highly likely that Parvovirus is the cause of this outbreak.

Highway Handover - Nambucca Valley

Highway Handover - Nambucca Valley - Giinagay Way

History & Heritage

Council's Community Strategic Plan identifies the following action in regards to Heritage: Nambucca Shire Council aims to support and promote an understanding of the Nambucca Valley’s heritage.

History Walks

Explore Macksville and Bowraville by taking a history walk.

Home Library

Home Page box alert

How to protect our sewer network

Flushable Wipes or Wet Wipes are causing problems with Council's sewer network

How to Resize Pages on this Website

Hyland Park Footbridge


Important information on how Council operates

Indian Myna Control

The Indian Myna Control Project is a joining of two community driven projects funded by the NSW Environmental Trust covering the Coffs Harbour, Bellingen and Nambucca Local Government Areas and the Hastings and Macleay LGA’s. The projects seek to reduce the impacts of the growing Indian myna invasion in our urban and rural environments. The web site provides you with background information on this feral species and how you can participate in the population reduction program. You'll find all the latest news on Indian mynas, as well as details of up-coming events and activities in your local area.

Indian Myna Control Downloads

Indian Myna Control Project

The main objectives of the project

Indian Myna Control Project Area

The project area covers the Coffs Harbour, Bellingen and Nambucca LGA's. In co-operation with participating Councils, the project is supported by the three corresponding Landcare organisations, as well as the National Parks and Wildlife Service (Department of Environment & Climate Change) and the Ulitarra Conservation Society.

Indian Myna Control Related Links

Indian Myan Control useful links

Indian Myna Profile

The Indian myna (Acridotheres tristis) belongs to the Starling family; a group of birds which includes another invasive species, the Common Starling (Sturnus vulgaris).

Integrated Planning & Reporting

On 1 October 2009, the NSW Government's new framework for integrated planning and reporting for local councils came into effect.

Integrated Water Cycle Management Draft Strategy Report

The IWCM process aims to assist Council in finding ways to plan and manage the three main urban water services - water supply, sewerage and storm water to ensure that maximum value is obtained from the water resource and that the impact of water use on the environment is minimised. Council engaged the NSW Department of Commerce to prepare the Nambucca IWCM Strategy Study following on from earlier work they had completed on the IWCM Concept Study.


Let's Get Composting Coffs Coast

Nambucca Valley, Bellingen Shire and Coffs Harbour City Councils have teamed up to deliver a regional campaign to help educate residents about sustainable ways to dispose of food scraps and garden waste. The ‘Let’s Get Composting Coffs Coast’ campaign will run across the three Local Government Areas for the next year.

Library Strategy 2018-2022

Lighting & Electricity

Nambucca Valley Council is dedicated to increasing the efficiency of street lighting maintenance reporting and usage of electricity charged to Council for the lighting of public areas and streets in the shire.


Macksville CBD Upgrade

Macksville LED Street Light Project

Work to upgrade 284 streetlights to energy efficient technology will begin this week as part of a major energy efficiency project that will save hundreds of thousands in electricity bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the Nambucca Valley community. Mayor Rhonda Hoban OAM said “Nambucca Valley Council is committed to becoming more sustainable, and the LED upgrade is just one initiative in Council’s strategies to achieve energy and operational efficiencies in the next 10 years.

Main Beach Nambucca Heads Seawall

MEDIA RELEASE - Councillor John Wilson elected Deputy Mayor

Media Release - Nambucca Valley Council - Councillor John Wilson elected Deputy Mayor

MEDIA RELEASE - Purchase of North Macksville Soccer Playing Fields


Nambucca Valley Museums


Nambucca Heads - Shark Listening Station

Nambucca Heads Foreshore Public Art

Nambucca Heads Library and Cultural Precinct Concept

Nambucca Heads Sewerage Augmentation

Council engaged the NSW Public Works (NSW Water Solutions) to prepare a concept design for an upgrade of the works along with a REF (Review of Environmental Factors) to investigate the likely social and environmental impacts of the proposal.

Nambucca Koala Management Strategy

Nambucca Koala Management Strategy

Nambucca Local Emergency Management Plan (EMPLAN)

The Nambucca Valley Council Local Emergency Management Plan (EMPLAN) was reviewed and adopted in May 2021. The plan details arrangements that prevent or mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies within the Nambucca Local Government Area.



Nambucca Local Environmental Plan 2010

The Nambucca Local Environmental Plan 2010 was gazetted on 30 July 2010

Nambucca Local Strategic Planning Statement 2020

Nambucca River and Deep Creek Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan 2015/16

Floods damage public and private property and can take lives depending on their severity, but there are a number of ways that people and governments can reduce the risks.

Nambucca River Guide and Maps

Famous for its natural beauty and ease of access, the Nambucca River and its estuary offers a fantastic range of activities to enjoy all year round.

Nambucca Valley 2023 National Celebration Day Awards



Nambucca Valley Council Relief Fund

About the Nambucca Valley Relief Fund with background and further information.

Nambucca Valley Council Relief Fund Sidebar

Sidebar for Nambucca Valley Relief Fund with background and further information

Nambucca Valley Council Strategic Tourism Plan 2018-2023

The Nambucca Shire Strategic Tourism Plan 2018-2023 has been developed to provide a strategic, realistic and cooperative destination management framework to guide Council activities in tourism.

Nambucca Valley Dialysis Patients Donations Program

Nambucca Valley Dialysis Patients Donation Program

Nambucca Valley Relief Fund - Donations

Nambucca Valley Relief Fund's donations payment page. To accept donations in the event of disaster and necessitous circumstances.

Nambucca Valley Relief Fund - Privacy Policy

Privacy policy statement for the Nambucca Valley Relief Fund.

Nambucca Valley Relief Fund - Refund Policy

Refund policy for the Nambucca Valley Relief Fund.

Nambucca Valley Relief Fund - Thank You

Thank you message for those who have donated to the Nambucca Valley Relief Fund after making a payment.

Nambucca Valley Relief Fund Rules

Rules adopted for the Nambucca Valley Relief Fund.

Nambucca Visitor Information Centre

Nambucca Visitor Information Centre Information

Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA)

NOA occurs in some rocks, sediments and soils in various regions of NSW including Mid North Coast. If covered and left undisturbed, NOA is not considered dangerous. However, if disturbed and microscopic fibres become airborne or settle on clothing or equipment and can be inhaled, NOA can cause incurable diseases including malignant mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestosis. The more fibres inhaled, the greater the risk to health.



NSW Government Office of Sport - Communities

Sport and Recreation offers a range of services and support in NSW to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. From training programs to grants, we work closely with individuals to build strong, inclusive and active communities.

NSW State Government Information

Relative NSW State Government static or homepage links


On-Site Sewage Management Plan

This On-Site Sewage Management Plan (strategy) was prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government (General) Regulation, 2005. The plan relates to domestic wastewater (non-commercial/industrial activities) for on-site systems treating up to 2000 litres per day.

Organisation Structure

Organisation Structure Chart for Nambucca Valley Council

Our disclaimer and internet privacy policy

Our Libraries

Our Living Coast Project

The Our Living Coast Project is a joint initiative of Coffs Harbour City Council, Bellingen Shire Council and Nambucca Valley Council and is being funded through a $1.998m grant from the NSW Environmental Trust, under the Urban Sustainability Program.


Page Undergoing Maintenance

Parks and Reserves Plans of Management

A total of 85 hectares of parks and reserves, playgrounds, sporting fields and foreshore areas are available for public use, and are maintained by Council on a regular basis.

Performance Surveys

Performance Surveys

Pollution Incident Response Management Plans

Protection of the Environment Legislation Amendment Act 2011 - New Requirement to Prepare Pollution Incident Response Management Plans.

Positions Vacant

Public Health Information

Public general health information and links to further information.

Public Notice – Presentation of Financial Statements - 30 June 2022

Public Wharf Facilities

Council has two public wharves available for general use, one located in River Street, Macksville and the other in Riverside Drive, Nambucca Heads.


Rates and Charges



Reporting Fraud and Corruption

Research and Study

Research Family and Local History

Road Conditions

Road conditions in the Nambucca Valley

Roads & Bridges

Current information relating to roads within the Valley

Rural-Residential Land Release Strategy

Council's Rural-Residential Land Release Strategy has been adopted by Council on 20 November 2008 and endorsed by the Minister of Planning January 2009. This has now been amended as of 23 November 2010 with the inclusion of unconstrained land formerly zoned 1(c) Rural-Residential.


Section 7.11 & 7.12 Contributions

Council charges a contribution from developers towards the cost of providing local services and facilities that are required because of their development.

Service Records

Shipping Records


South Nambucca Heads Pressure Sewerage Project Images

February 2017

State of the Environment (SoE) Reports

Stormwater Dye Testing - Macksville

The significant rainfall experienced during the year to date has impacted Council’s sewerage system in Macksville and caused a number of sewage overflows to the Nambucca River. This has affected the oyster industry and resulted in the EPA issuing Council with a Pollution Reduction Program to take action to reduce the number of overflows in order to maintain river health.


Swimming Pools

The owner of a swimming pool has the responsibility to ensure that the pool is at all times surrounded by a complying child resistant pool safety barrier.




Temporary Road Closures Drag-Ens Hot Rod Club - Nambucca Heads




Interested contractors are invited to provide a submission for the above tender.


The Annual Macksville Show

The Macksville Show is one of the premier agricultural and entertainment events on the mid north coast of New South Wales. The show attracts exhibitors from all over plus the local Nambucca Valley community.

Things for kids

Trees and Dividing Fences on Private Land

Nambucca Valley Council’s Development and Environment Section can provide information on fence height and construction type permitted. Ph: 02 6568 2555 and ask for the Duty Planner


Under Maintenance


Valley Doings

Community events around the valley.

VendorPanel E-tendering Portal

VendorPanel is an eProcurement platform that makes it easier for Council and suppliers to interact through a web-based platform whilst ensuring transparency and compliance with relevant procedures and Legislation.


Wandering Livestock

General information relating to wandering livestock on private and public land.

Waste Facility Annual Return

Waste Facility Environmental Compliance

Changes to the environmental protection legislation as a result of the Protection of the Environment Legislation Amendment Act 2011 requires all local Councils to publish groundwater, surface water, leachate and landfill gas monitoring data from each of their landfill sites from 1 July 2012.

Waste Management

Nambucca Valley Council has been proactive in this area by entering into a partnership with Coffs Harbour City and Bellingen Shire Councils and Handybin Waste Services resulting in a regional waste collection service which commenced at the end of 2005 and is known as Coffs Coast Waste Service.

Water Supply in the Nambucca Valley


What's On - Library Hosted Events

This is a list of events hosted by the Libraries of Nambucca Valley Council.

Wood Smoke


Young People