Lighting & Electricity

Nambucca Valley Council is dedicated to increasing the efficiency of street lighting maintenance reporting and usage of electricity charged to Council for the lighting of public areas and streets in the shire. Street lighting is provided to the community as a service to improve safety for road users. An improvement to the reporting of faulty lights has benefits to Nambucca Valley Council, Essential Energy and the Community by reducing costs associated with regular night inspections.

Essential Energy is responsible to providing the maintenance and repairs to all of Nambucca Valley Council public lighting and it is encouraged that if you notice a broken or faulty streetlight to report it directly to Essential Energy.  By reporting broken or faulty streetlights to essential energy you are helping Essential Energy to create and maintain a street lighting system that is reliable, energy efficient and safer for our community.  If you are aware of a damaged or non-operational streetlight in your area, we'd appreciate you letting Essential Energy know directly.

Faulty Street Lights - Outage Detection and Service Availability

Customers can report faulty streetlights any time of the day or night by contacting Essential Energy's 24 hour contact centre on 13 20 80 or by logging onto their website at