Important information on how Council operates

The purpose of councils is to provide the community with effective local and democratic government.
The Nambucca Valley Council area is represented by elected Councillors, including the popularly elected Mayor, who holds office for a four-year term.
For electoral purposes, there are two voting methods available for use in local government elections. Our Council has opted to use the 'undivided' method where residents and ratepayers in the LGA vote for any of the nominated candidates.
The other method is wards or the 'divided' method and in these cases each ward is represented by a number of Councillors who have been chosen by the electors of that ward. If a council wishes to change the number of council representatives or the method used to elect Councillors, it requires a constitutional referendum to be held.
The power delegated to Nambucca Valley Council and other councils throughout the State is derived from the Local Government Act 1993 and other Acts enacted by the parliament of NSW.
A Councillor’s responsibility is to make decisions on all areas of policy and budget priorities, including the level and extent of services and works to be provided during the year.
Decisions are determined using the majority voting system in which each Councillor has one vote. If there are an equal number of votes, the Mayor has the casting vote.

Disclosure of Interest - Councillors and Designated Persons