Have you downloaded the Council mobile app Antenno?

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What is Antenno?

Antenno is a free mobile app that is very simple and easy to use where you will receive real time notifications and alerts on any number of Council related issues.

With the reporting feature you can notify us of issues such as graffiti, road damage, roaming animals, and much more.

How do I get Antenno?

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Simply download Antenno from the App Store or Google Play


Once downloaded you can save the places you care about, such as your home, work, rental property or school. Antenno will notify you when something relevant to your chosen place(s) is posted. Any posts relating to those places will appear in your posts feed.

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With the reporting feature you can notify us of issues around the valley such as graffiti, roads requiring grading, straying stock, pot holes, signage repairs and much more.

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Antenno FAQs

Q:  Why do I have to save places as specific addresses, why can't I save the whole LGA?

The aim of Antenno is to provide relevant information for places you care about. If it was broader, Antenno posts would start to resemble a social media feed that you need to sift through to find messages relevant to you. If something comes up that affects the entire LGA, you'll still receive a notification.

Q: Can I opt out of a topic for a specific place?

Yes, even if the places are in the same suburb. As an example, if you save your work address (where you don't want to receive water related reminders) and your home address (where you DO want to receive water related reminders), you can choose to opt out of receiving water related reminders for your work address.

Q: Can I respond?

If you've found the post useful, you can thank us using the Thank icon. If you have an issue or feedback you'd like to send to Council, use the Report It function to send us a report. 

Q: Sometimes notifications seem to be delayed - why?

The app requires either a Wi-Fi connection or mobile data to receive notifications. If you are somewhere without Wi-Fi and don't have your mobile data on, you won't receive new posts until you are connected again.

Q: Sometimes I don't receive a notification for weeks - why?

If there hasn't been any incidents or information relevant to your saved places you won't be sent any notifications! Don't worry – Antenno will let you know when something happens.

Q: How do you choose which notifications go to which devices or places?

When we have a notification to send we assess which parts of the LGA would find the message relevant.

Q: If I have multiple places saved, how do I know which place a notification relates to?

Each notification shows which of your saved places it relates to, by displaying the places' nickname at the top left.