Regulating compliance and electoral funding legislation

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This edition ofCouncil election update provides information for candidates, groups of candidates and elected councillors about their disclosure obligations for the 2024 Local Government elections. We ask that you please share the following information with your local community of candidates and councillors to help promote compliance with their obligations.


Regulating compliance and electoral funding legislation

The NSW Electoral Commission is responsible for regulating compliance with electoral funding legislation (Electoral Funding Act 2018). This includes the disclosure of political donations and electoral expenditure by local government councillors and mayors, and candidates and groups registered for the 2024 NSW Local Government elections to be held on 14 September 2024.

The disclosure rules require candidates and elected councillors to disclose political donations twice a year and electoral expenditure annually. Some individuals will be required to submit multiple disclosures if, in addition to being a candidate, they are the lead candidate of a group and/or an elected councillor or mayor.

We understand first-time candidates may not be familiar with their disclosure obligations. With the next disclosure lodgement period commencing on 1 July 2024, we are making contact at this early stage to highlight the NSW Electoral Commission’s role in promoting compliance with the requirements of the disclosure scheme and to raise awareness about the information that the Electoral Commission can provide to political participants. We will also remind candidates and councillors of their disclosure obligations ahead of due dates, and we will continue to contact them before, during and after the election about what they need to do.

There is detailed information on our website about:

We encourage you to share these links with your local community of candidates and councillors. We have a helpdesk which operates Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and our team can assist with enquires over the phone or by responding to emails at If you have other suggestions as to how we can assist in providing guidance and information to candidates and councillors about their statutory disclosure requirements, we would be happy to hear from you.

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