Control of Burning

Control of Burning

There has been an increasing number of enquiries relating to burning by residents of the Nambucca Valley. The majority have been relating to smoke production, odour and human health effects.

The Protection of the Environment Operations (Clean Air) Regulation 2010 applies to the entire Nambucca Valley Council Local Government Area. Council has delegated to the Rural Fire Service, authority to issue approvals to burn domestic waste and vegetation where a garbage service is NOT provided.

These areas are generally outside of urban and rural residential areas. Any person wishing to burn vegetation in an area identified on the following maps in bold yellow must submit a written application to Council along with the current processing fee.

NOTE: Burning of domestic waste is prohibited throughout the Valley except where there is no domestic waste collection service available, and Council will rarely approve burning in an urban or rural residential area due to the impacts arising from smoke and odour.

Council is not precluded from considering individual cases involving a class of persons for burning of dry vegetation on their merits within the controlled area.

Council's Authorised Officers and certain Officers of other authorities, are empowered to serve Penalty Notices where it can be established there has been a breach of the Regulation. Penalties are set by the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 at $500 for individuals and $1000 for corporations.

Maps for controlled areas are available below:

Policies regarding controlled burning areas and domestic woodfire heaters can be found on the Council Policies page.  Search for key words such as 'Burning' or 'Fire' in the search area just above the Council Policies table.  Click here to access a Control of Burning Application Form.