VendorPanel E-tendering Portal


Council recognises its role as a purchaser of significant quantities of goods, works and services for the community.  As part of that role and in compliance with relevant legislative requirements, Council strives to:

  • Achieve value for money and continuous improvements in the provision of assets and services for our Valley;
  • Provide direction in achieving high standards of fairness, transparency, probity, consistency, risk management and accountability;
  • Implement procurement best practice to ensure cost effective expenditure throughout Council; and
  • Encourage stimulation of the local economy through the engagement of local suppliers where practical.

Though the implementation of the eProcurement platform VendorPanel, Council and suppliers can interact through this web-based platform easily and efficiently whilst ensuring transparency and compliance with relevant procedures and Legislation.

VendorPanel E-tendering Portal

Please click on this link to access the VendorPanel E-tendering Portal

Frequently Asked Questions | Suppliers


Why have we changed to VendorPanel?

We have changed to VendorPanel as part of our continuous improvements in the provision of assets and services for our Valley.

What is VendorPanel?

VendorPanel is an online platform that allows an easy way to manage requests for quotes from Nambucca Valley Council and responses from suppliers. The platform is a better way to connect Council with businesses like you.

Benefits for Suppliers

Nambucca Valley Council suppliers will get access to real LIVE opportunities - in one place.

Why am I receiving these emails? Is this SPAM?

An invitation to register may be sent via VendorPanel requesting that you register your business details.  This new service will help Nambucca Valley Council to request quotes directly from local businesses.


Can Council guarantee work?

No - Please refer to the Specification of Works released with any quotation, tender or Expression of Interest.

Do Suppliers have to pay?

No - this is a free service to suppliers.

Do I have to register?

YES, you must register for VendorPanel if you wish to be notified of opportunities from Nambucca Valley Council, this includes:

  • General Purchasing
  • Formal requests for quotations, tenders and/or expressions of interest.

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to register and maintain your details, including categories to receive requests and make submissions. 
Nambucca Valley Council advises you to register, no matter how big or small your business may be. 
To register visit the VendorPanel E-tendering Portal

I need assistance with my VendorPanel account

If you require technical assistance, please contact VendorPanel Support by E-mail: or Phone: 03 9095 6181