Enterprise Risk Management

Risk is inherent in everything Nambucca Valley Council does. In many of Council’s activities, it is something that we currently manage and control in a variety of ways. Council has not had a formalised, integrated and visible process to identify risk exposures across all our activities and to provide us with an assurance that these exposures are adequately controlled, and any gaps are rectified.

Our aim is to achieve best practice in controlling all the risks to which Council is exposed. We will achieve this by identifying our priority exposures, addressing these, incorporating appropriate risk management strategies, risk improvements and contingency planning into our business, monitoring and reviewing ongoing risk to account for changes in our operations and to enable us to make well-informed decisions on risk controls.

As the first step of this process, the Enterprise Risk Management Plan outlines the framework for Council’s risk management. Within this framework, training will provide appropriate tools and practices for the effective management of risks. The next step will be to build on this framework to further develop risk management plans for all of Council Departments and contracted services. Our challenge is to infuse risk management into our culture, our everyday business operations and those of our contractors and business partners.