Emergency Management Plans

Nambucca Local Emergency Management Plan (EMPLAN)

The Nambucca Valley has a Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC) constituted under the SERM Act. It is made up of representatives from:

  • Senior representative from Council (who has the authority of Council to coordinate the use of Council's resources in an emergency);
  • Senior local representative from each of the emergency services eg NSW Police, Fire & Rescue NSW, NSW Rural Fire Services, Ambulance NSW, State Emergency Services, Marine Rescue and Surf Life Saving Association;
  • Representatives from such organisations in functional areas (as required by Committee) eg Agriculture, Telstra, Council (Engineers), Mid North Coast Local Health District, Department of Communities and Justice); and
  • Other representatives - major industry, Australia Rail Track Service, Transport for New South Wales, Telstra, Essential Energy, Forests NSW, North Coast Local Land Services, NSW Environment Climate Change & Water, Department of Primary Industry etc.

The Committee, which is facilitated by Council, meets three times per year at Council’s Nambucca Emergency Operations Centre, Kelly Close Macksville. The executive positions in the LEMC are:

  • LEOCON - Local Emergency Operations Controller. Senior Police Officer, who is the operations controller in times of emergency.
  • LEMO - Local Emergency Management Officer. Provides support for the Committee, Senior Council Officer.

The LEMC is responsible to the Regional Emergency Management Committee.

How does the LEMC carry out its responsibility?

The LEMC is responsible for the preparation of plans in relation to the prevention of, preparation for, response to and recovery from emergency in the Council area. Control and coordination of emergency response is to be conducted at the lowest effective level. EMPLAN (or Emergency Management Plans) are prepared at State, Regional and Local level and record the Agreed Emergency Management Arrangements for the control and coordination of preparation, response and recovery from emergency situations. The EMPLAN identifies who is responsible for controlling particular hazards (called combat agencies), for example:

  • Search and Rescue – NSW Police
  • Urban Fire - NSW Fire Brigade
  • Chemical Spill (HAZMAT) - FRNSW
  • Storm and Flood - SES

If a coordinated response is required for the situation, the EMPLAN may be activated, or to provide a response where there is no combat agency.

Nambucca Local Emergency Management Plan (EMPLAN)(PDF, 473KB)

The EMPLAN was reviewed and adopted on 17 May 2021.  A review process is undertaken every 3 years.  Please note that Pages 16- 36 contain Restricted Operational Information and therefore not available for publication.  Should you have any queries relating to the EMPLAN please contact Councils’ Director Engineering Services on (02) 6568 2555.The EMPLAN is currently under review by the Nambucca LEMC and anticipated to be completed late November 2020.

Sub Plans - are action plans for specific hazards.

Download the Nambucca Local Flood Sub-Plan here

Supporting and Associated Plans - identify and coordinate resources available from an agency.
Regional Plans - Should an agency not have sufficient resources to handle the scale of an emergency, the EMPLAN may be implemented.

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Listen to the radio

Bushfire information will be broadcast over local radio stations:

  • 2MMM Port Macquarie   106.7 FM
  • 2NVR   105.9 FM
  • ABC Mid North Coast   684am   92.3 FM